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Default Re: what I found in my in box

people all over this world,
need all of our 'loving' energies,
all over this world ~ and don't need any of us, tossing around crap

it's time to stop the 'small talk'
and, time to be, who we all really are...
and, put out a really concentrated effort
in sending our love, and, doing the best we can,
and, sending that all over this world.

my suggestion, is this:

start with a person - who you have had a flair up with
send them the best shot of love, you can
and, see if you can see - i to i or, eye to eye, or, aye-to-aye

maybe it is best, to do/or, to say NOTHiNG
unless you want to be publically quoted
and, you are proud, of what you say

release it, forgive it, and, send everything light ' n love
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