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Default Re: blood groups, dna and its relation to 'now'

Fundamentally important topic.
That and another new one today, Thought Is All There Is

This b'ness of DNA, to me, is vitally important topic and I look forward to anyone who can offer whatever jaw droppings are out there.

This is why I am so Onto Ashayana Deane's work. The bottom line, as stated by Stardust... is that of getting out of the cycle of destruction & devolution.

However, I find that most people place themselves into a "higher" slot than they might actually be, self deception rampant, delusions of being Enlightened. Proof of their DNA state and/or bloodline would be telling of their true status, a real wake up call. Make sense? Kind of like thinking you are Well and Good only to have a doctor tell you that you are terminal.

We cannot get there unless we accept where we are. How can we accept where we are if we do not really know? After all, does not Ash'a herself tell of the sleeping indigos? What about those who think they are awake & "fully activated" and are Not?

Thank you.
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