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Default Re: blood groups, dna and its relation to 'now'

Hi Mike

In a working Universe which is aligned with the natural laws of the Cosmos we will certainly have more choices but because this universe is falling we don't

But going back to blood types. They are related to the interbreeding of humans with beings from other species. There is an incredible amount of information about lineages in the Voyagers II

In this moment there is no "pure bloodline" other than the Illuminati families which kept themselves separated from the rest of humanity

All of us are a mix or blend of diferent species and therefor to regain our human DNA potential of 12 strands there is some healing that needs to be done

Even the Indigos have come to mix families as there are no other choices availble anymore. The grail Kings were no more ages ago, they were the ones who had 48 DNA strand potential. This is due to the degradation of the planet

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