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Default Re: blood groups, dna and its relation to 'now'

hey stardust, cheers for the reply...your info is most interesting.
from what i gather dna has the ability to change under specific circumstances. i respect and enjoy what the Law of One info has to offer but on a personal level i believe there is more to it then just these 3 options or paths we are destined for. i dont think we can actually grasp the entire concept of what we are destined for. imo.
however i found this topic very interesting and thought i should make a thread for i dont think it there is much about on it. the fact is nobody can prove where this differentiating blood group originated from....just that it did, 7% of us have is universal in the sense that we can all take it...people with it have specific traits allegedley....and ironically most people in positions of ''knowledge'' cant or dont know what to say on the matter.
if origins on human history is your thing i believe this is an area that can not be left un-investigated. how much info u find is another story...

peace always, mike
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