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Default Re: what I found in my in box

all the ppl who put down negativity so erm.. negatively are surly being negative themselves. If it wasnt for the individuals who do resonate negatively, surly the positive people wouldnt have a point of reference to see how positively they are actually resonating.
Positive can only exist with negative.

I dont know much but what I do know is that on a journey of awakening, seeing is believing. People have to figure it out for themselves what being positive or negative is all about. You can shout at them all you like to be positive but until they figure it out in their own mind, nothing will happen. Sure, laying it out how you came to discover the meanings may help others and point them in the right direction of self discovery etc but sending someone PMs of this nature isnt going to help anyone. At the most it allowed a user to vent frustration of another. I cant see any positivity there.
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