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Default Re: blood groups, dna and its relation to 'now'

From what I have studied in keylontic sciences it is not related to blood groups, rather to DNA potential

But because of the "load out" cycle which we are in now, even those that are of illuminate descent can get out of the cycle of destruction and de-evolution

All beings in this planet have three options

1) Ascencion, via Higher Earth for which we have to prepare before 2012

2) The path of step back and return, which means that if a person (due to the electromagnetic changes that will happen in 2012) has lost their ability to ascend they can go back to the "gardens of Edon" in the middle worlds and be reborn again into another planet that support the ascencion mechanics. Again the person need to do some work towards correcting their DNA distortions before dieing naturaly

3) The path of de-evolution or black hole fall that implies that all ascension potential is lost and the consiousness gets disintegrated into space dust

All are valid paths, it is a personal choice

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