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Default what I found in my in box

- I don't mince words....

You really need to knock off the negativity you are seeding

SwordSmith.....BlackSmith..Whatever you are

I don't give a damn.....Wherever you go...bad energy follows u

If this place is SOOOO bad...Leave and don't come back

Shake the dust of it from your boots

If you hang out...GET A BETTER ATTITUDE!!

I am no one important.....

- Oh and Post this 4 the world if you feel the need
- I don't think you will but feel free


__________________________________________________ __________________________

in case this is not clear the above I recieved from my ( very) little friend stargazer, whom has never had the cojones to speak to me publically. So, SG you may not mince words, but you do conceal them.

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