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Default Re: Yesterday,today - Tomorrow...

Originally Posted by greybeard View Post
Your questions are good Susan.
I can only answer for me.
I have felt a presence I call God for want of a better name.
Sometimes it comes when meditating sometimes unasked and surprises me.

It might be a slight sensation like a breeze brushing my forehead, or a strong pulling at the third eye. It may be that I am siting minding my own business and this overwhelming feeling of being loved arises, I start to smile involuntary, a stupid kind of grin, some time tears of joy just trickle down my face.

Think God is beyond male/female, or any human concept, just the totality all of it on going creating and creation.
I dont think for one moment that a God of love, as spoken of by every mystic since time can be remembered began, can be held responsible for the suffering of human beings.
Free will just got out of control through the human ego (EDGE GOD OUT) and is the sole perpetrator.
That may be aided and abetted by the lower astral who deny the sovereignty of God.

I believe the teachings of Jesus and those before him also.

So thats my take, right or wrong who knows, I dont.

Thanks Chris, we enjoyed your comments
i-goD , and, e-God - internal / and, eXternal
or links back to the source of all creation
kind of like,
the big picture of
a unified/and, united father/and, mother type of divine energy

once, we remember, a source,
it kept telling us, to slow down

we kept passing thru, an ensuite bathroom off a master bedroom
and, as, we went thru the bathroom, we've keep hearing
slow down, sit down, we want to talk to you

finally; we stopped;
looked around, knew we've heard a voice
and, as we looked around
the only place to sit, was the toilet
or, THE THRONE SEAT, as, some people call it,
in their houses

we laughed, as, we sat down on it,
thinking, this is totally hillarious,
however, whatever it was,
we felt these energies,
that started to came all around us,
we asked if the energies, were in 100% alignment
and, they grew even stronger,
and, it was like getting a hug from all the cosmos
we felt like we entered this
complete/and, total state of bliss
(similiar to what mudra, has described)
anyway-there were NO words,
but, there sure was a feeling,
and, a wind, in the air,
it certainly, did NOT needs words
it was totally present, unlike, anything we'd ever interacted with
there was something,
there was something, really big & expansive in the air
it was real, and, surreal,
it seemed like everything was there,
at once...
we uttered "good god" about three time

thus, the phrase "good god"
as, that is, what we said, at that,
particular time ~ three times

we don't remember, what occurred next,
however, we do know, we sat there in this amasing energy,
for approx. 1 hr.

at the time, we were likely very close to running ourselves,
on a path of 18 hrs days, and, NOT stopping to just connect,
perhaps, a great place, to stop, a few times per day,
and, really feel a sense of gratitude / and, joy
for all that truly is
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