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Default Re: Yesterday,today - Tomorrow...

It has to be that Jesus also felt all human emotions... despondency ... anguish ... despair, contempt. Where did I read it that "all honest emotions are healthy", it's what you do with them.

Even when we experience these emotions and share them, it does not seem the right thing to do to explain or shame them away or invalidate them.

victim... ego... it's wounding the wounded.
Beren has not shown that he is a shallow soul, unable to ride through, above or beyond emotions. He felt safe enough to share his humanity.

Are you so removed from your humanity that you disallow certain emotions from passing through, that you do not acknowledge the degrees of inward weather we can experience just as we see outwardly?

We call it success, we name it enlightened when we are able to always arise above these so called negative emotions and call ourselves as having failed when we experience them. Sometimes it feels like carrying the burden of the world when we feel suffering... might we carry a bit of Beren's burden of the load for transmutation?

The good news for me today is that after a whole day yesterday, having looked into the questions and expressions of those wanting to know and make right what appears to be a division, appeared as attacks, people leaving.... I find that today I now see that B & K are carving out new frontiers, making ever widening roads, reaching ever enlarging audience. While it's true and obvious that they (as we all do if we are honest) fell into the captivity of emotional struggle to an extent they expressed themselves publicly in sometimes scathing words, would, I'm sure, have preferred not to , they did....

but with only a slight shift of mindedness, will, as it did with me, it's now Obvious that something much larger needs to come into View, even at the expense of all the struggles & resistance that was and is being displayed... regardless of how you try to buck it, it's coming much larger with much greater strength of purpose.

Whew, is all I can say!
Much love to All.
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