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Default Re: Yesterday,today - Tomorrow...

Beren, if Jesus was at the helm of PA/PC
what do you think, he would say ?

about yesterday/today, and, tomorrow

do you believe, that jesus was god / or he was the son of god ?

and, everything, absolutely everything was made by The Creator

do you believe, he was here to teach others,
how to be, as, he was ?

we think, he was a son of god,
sent into the world, to be an eXample...
for others to follow / learn from / and,
become, as, he was, to the best of their Creator given abilities

how do you believe, he was treated,
during his walk around this world ?

we guess, his work, wasn't very easy ?

or, what did he do, to make it easy ?

we also wonder - if we are all children of The Creator
what eXactly is this hate program,
that seems to be installed in so many,
and, what can people do,
to get rid of it ?

anyway, we appreciate, and, we value
your comments about this,
and, any insight you can share

thank you
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