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Default Re: The Sun fell in a dream.

Originally Posted by detonator View Post

I had a dream where the Sun was moving in the sky and it was getting closer and closer, many gathered to watch this some ran in fear i joined hands with a friend and just prepared to embrace it.
Eventually light enveloped everything and I could feel love and overwhelming sense of peace and was within the light.
Many years ago I sat in a cafe by a Sea with my highly spiritual friend,
and I got very CLEAR VISION of our Future.

I saw myself going into a huge crystal, to dream our lives here on planet Earth.

Inside the crystal was crystal sarcophagus inside which I went to dream.
(an amplifier)

In the front of the crystal sarcophagus was a book of life,
on which my dreams were written on by invisible pen.

I slept in the crystal sarcophagus and saw my dreams/our lives projected onto those twelve crystal walls.

I saw the last wall, fires, earthquakes, destruction.

I rose from the crystal sarcophagus and walked to the doorway,
there was nothing left outside.

I was lifted up in a yellow light, SUN , it was bliss and eternal happiness.

Be Well,
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