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Default Re: The Sun fell in a dream.

Hey Detonator--

I don't really have an "interpretation," exactly. i just wanted to tell you how similar the details are in this dream to Visions/Apparitions of Mary, Jesus Mother (both contemporary & historical apparitions). That is one of the more traditional miracles that occur during scenarios where the blessed mother is appearing (e.g.. like @ Medugore, Lourdes, Fatima, etc. Rosary beads turning to gold is another of these typical Marian miracles.) and the accompanying emotions, first fear then peace also remind me of the polarity many people seem to be experiencing in their lives right now--both personal and on these forums.

t's definitely a GOOD dream, Detonator. you're experiencing the 2 poles of Source's omnipotence and her-his compassion/protection of his-her beloved (you, Gaia, everyone else on planet). and--beyond that--the dream also seems like it can be taken as referring to the Ascension process ..... you know ..... there may be a lot of CRAZY STUFF, from earth changes, etc., which may cause many people to be fearful ...... fearful of "natural" processes, etc. acting in "unnatural" ways. But in Ascension, any fear will soon dissipate and be replaced with an indescribable peace that is akin to bliss!'' my "take," fwii.

WOW!!! i wish I had dreamed this dream...I'm "zealous!"

your sister in the Unity of All-that-Is
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