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Default Update on the Tungsten goldbars.........who knows, really?

Hi there, this is from www on the Tungsten gold bars affair.

The Voice of the White House
Washington, D.C., March 7, 2010: “Today, I have two subjects to discuss. The first deals with the so-called “Fake Ft. Knox Gold Bars.” This, very simply, in just another Chinese ripoff of the hated West and a means of striking back at the United States for Obama’s raising the interest rate on U.S. Treasury notes, an act which caused the Chinese to howl with rage because this in effect cheapened billions of dollars of such notes they were holding. Obama needed more money to finance his recovery programs so he ignored the Chinese demands. Vindictive as well as totally crooked, the government in Beijing then ordered the preparation of over 5,000 400 oz fake gold bars. These were made of gold-plated tungsten (which weighs almost the same as gold) and stamped with fake U.S. Treasury markings. The Chinese then exported their counterfeits all over the world to pay for oil and other badly needed products. Like their massive counterfeiting of U.S. gold and silver coins, the greedy Celestials made a serious error and that was their use of provable fake numbers on each bar. While these bars, like the Chinese gold American coins, may look original, the reduced weight of the former and the wrong serial number of the latter caught them. As soon as word of the fake gold bars spread, the Chinese began to howl that they had been robbed and tricked by the evil Americans sending them terrible fakes. Unfortunately for them,,the world banks were able to clearly identify these fakes and all of them were traced back to China. Ethopia, Iran and other countries were notified that their deposits of gold were fake and were being returned to them. China, through bought and paid for pseudo-“Experts” in the West started a flood of stories designed to shift the blame for their own faking onto the United States. As China has a well-earned reputation for fraud and counterfeiting, their laments went largely unbelieved by the world’s banking system. Upon request, the U.S. Treasuiry can authenticate, or denounce as fake, these bars by a simple check of the numbers. Purchasers of the flood of fake Chinese gold U.S. coins can do the same thing by simply weighing any suspect coin. The Chinese fakes, while visually correct, never weigh the same because the Chinese, typically, short the gold or silver content and then plate the fake with 24 caret gold, giving it the outward appearance of an original piece. It is estimated that China has faked and exported tons of fakes. And this subjece leads me into the second one. When the mortgage crooks cooked up their falsified credit reports, enabling the poor to buy nice houses, these fake and worthless mortgages were mixed in with.sound ones, “bundled” by crooked banks and shoved offshore onto unsuspecting foreign investors, banks and government archives. China was by far and away the largest buyer of these items and the growing knowledge that the MERS-protected mortgage packages are worthless is another reason why China is increasing what is obviously a major trade war against this countty.
It is known, though never openly discussed in public, that the mastermind behind the mortgage fraud was one Alan G. Shapiro who, it is conservatively estimated, made off with over $200 billion dollars, far more than the $74 billion his friend and fellow crook Bernie Madoff bagged. And like Bernie, Alan stashed all his loot in Israeli banks where no one can ever get at it. I intend to publish a lengthy and very confidential report on Shapiro, a heavy cash supporter of George W. Bush and his gang. About 3,000 financial services firms pay annual fees for access to MERS, which has 44 employees and is owned by two dozen of the nation's largest lenders, including Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo. It was the brainchild of the Mortgage Bankers Association, along with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae, the mortgage finance giants, who produced a white paper in 1993 on the need to modernize the trading of mortgages.”
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