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Default Re: Fish falling from the sky in Australia!!!!

Originally Posted by mudra View Post
Whoever you meet send him Love Always.
That's the best way to go through a fish rain without getting wet and .. smelly .
You might even turn these fishes into red humming birds

The fish rain made me think of a great book " Kafka on the shore " from Haruki Murakami.
If you haven't read it yet it certainly deserves a journey through it .

Love from me
Originally Posted by Harper View Post
Oh Cristo, indeed we do all have to carry our own water. you make me smile.

How en ever, its been raining small animals for years, seriously no joke, as Im sure you are aware of all the frogs etc...why, though such nature drama? We might question ourselves? Mother having a 'this is the last time Im going to tell your to come in to your dinner' moment- a l'irlandaise so to speak.

I see you also like wine hehehehe
Oh that awesome little red hummingbird!!!
And the green frogs too!!!!!!
I wonder if it rained crocodiles somewhere though?

You two are too much!!!!

Red and Green.

Scales and feathers in the circle of creation.
A palm tree and Quetzalcoatl!!!!

Both- as above so below, palm branches; feathers, convert sunlight to bark; scales. Palm Sunday.

The "Language of the Birds," green Language.

The Emerald tablets of Thoth!

And green Osiris in fish scales!

And red rain to top off the green Language of God!

Are we aliens that fell from the sky...

OK what other fish stories we got cause those reptilian crocodiles don't evolve very fast

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