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Default Re: Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we donít

I know what you mean, they are making preparations but like anything in the future things may happen or not, timelines are constantly changing and what has been planed by the two factions may not come to pass, or may take a totally different shape.

Their reasons are always misterious. Think about the network of undeground bases that are everywhere in the UK, prepared within the cold war they were never used. The threats stayed as threats and now they are selling them which I find interesting since lots of people are looking for bunkers

I personally think there is going to be disruptions, one just have to add two plus two. Food will be in shortage this year, too much bad weather lately and last year. But shortages of food are common in this planet, mostly because of lack of planning and greed

I am middleaged and seen so many things in my life! My own brother tried to persuade me in 2002 to bunker down with him because of the comming of planet X, polar shift, etc. I didn't because I believe that if it for my higher good I will survive such event but being practical I realized that I did not want to survive an holocaust like that. Too hard, too sad

Preparation for few weeks, maybe few months yeah why not, but not because I am afraid of death

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