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Default Re: Assassin's Creed II

Hello Raulduke. You are right, there is something in this piece of human creation that send a message.

This is the same old message sent everywhere in movies, music, books and now games. The target is the youth of our world, religiously targeted...

1. Earth and humanity must be saved... (Implying we are not able to do it ourselves, so we need an outside savior).

2. Higher advanced race has created us... (Implying we are not genuine from Earth and Creation, but from second hand creators). The truth is that we have been genetically altered, but never created by other than Creation itself. And after all, the materiality of the human race is less important than the soul who dwells in it, which is as highly advanced as any other race...

3. These so called creators are coming back today to save us from ourselves... (Another way to enforce a victim mentality upon humanity). The probability is that they themselves are at the source of our course of destruction. They are well behind the ones who brought us the industrial era, the over-consumption society built upon a world in poverty and depletion. So after planning in the shadow the global built up for mega problems, they come up to light with the solution... The reason I come up with this conclusion is simply because it has always been this way in our history...

Namaste, Steven
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