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Default Re: Assassin's Creed II

Originally Posted by monique View Post
sorry raulduke but games are ways to educate, to settle people in a row, like cattle, to wait a death in a sloughterhouse. monique.
Well, I suppose in some cases that may be true, but some video games are a form of art, made by normal people, in some cases they have a story to tell that really makes you think.

I suppose ultimatley in most if not all of media, the higher ups (tptb) have to sign off on stuff to get it into the main stream, but I was just making this point awhile back in an Avatar thread. The way I see it is, and I find this very interesting, tptb are figgin greedy as hell among many other character flaws, but greed is pretty high up there, and as long as the info isn't blantantly obvious they seem willing to undermine their own (long term) survival in exchange for $$$$. I think (and of course I could be way off) this may suggest that tptb are indeed in panic mode.
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