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Default Re: THE eXchanger's THREAD - iNSiDER iNFO without THE HiDDEN HAND

Originally Posted by Malynda View Post
Now that is brilliant. I had never even thought of that. Thank you.
Thank you,
iF you read some of our assortment of testimonials etc.,

there are also other people, who hold,
some pretty interesting views, about us,
and, our work ...

we will say, this trip down here,
has NOT been easy on us,
albeit, we weather 'the storms'

some things,
we were taught very young,
was that
- need to be removed
from 'the vocabulary'

those words, do NOT eXist,
within any of the ancient languages,
NOR, within any light/sound/tone or vibration language

also try,
there is 'no try'
ever have anyone say,
they will 'try' to make your party ???

the 'try' people - they NEVER SHOW up

they just blow 'bad' air

there iS,
only DO !!!

DO iT,
BE iT,


(we got, half our project done
-- & plan to perhaps, try to finish it later tonight)

government audits
-are NOT a lot of fun

iT iS a good thing, we keep very 'clean' & 'organised' books

and, there iS absolutely NOTHING for them to find

all, they will do, iS waste, their time

they sure do NOT like iT,
when 'the slave' stops 'to write'
and, is NOT paying very much, into their coffers !!!

funny thing iS, right now, they owe me

(so, we would like them to finish iT, so, we can get those refunds back)

that will make iT, easier to afford to write

(more coming)
+ [xxx

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