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Originally Posted by Malynda View Post

Thank you for eXchanging with me. I am really starting to get a better understanding which I will put into practice this evening before I sleep. I will begin using the words you suggested about being in 100% alignment with me and where I am now. I never realized that new guides could come in and that I could release those that can no longer take me higher.

I have copied this all down so I can become comfortable with it. Your knowledge is very broad and you are very wise. I thank you for all of your sharing. May I ask you how your quest fro knowledge, growth, truth began or is that covered in this thread? I would be interested to hear about your path.

Thank you...
for your comments, we appreciate them,
and, we are glad, you are seeing a value,
iN eXchanging with us....
iT will take a number of posts
to answer 'the question' related to our path

as, a child,
we came in awake, and, aware,
with two completed matriXes,
and, with 12 ancient discarnate elementals/nature spirits
from the old land of pan, pangaia, aka pangaea
from the ending of the old world,
which occured, approx 250,000,000 years ago

We were iN Pan - and, known as Errydeault,
We had a position within The High Council,
this world, was vastly different then NOW,
and, iT was a time,
where all beings had the potential 'to breed/or to cross' or 'to mate'
elementals could be crossed, with human beings
(although the word 'human'-does NOT imply you might only be that,
in order, to incarnate on earth, it is only necessary, that you have one part humanoid dna )
and, also with other sentient beings
(thus, the centaur - half man/half horse)
(thus, the mer-people)

This ancient 3rd world of Pan - Pangaia or Pangaea
was NOT a water-world, as, the earth appears today
but, a world, that had water in its core

earth is eXpanding
(more on that, iN another post)

the core of this place, would be situated
over the region, known today, as Greece/and, The Greek islands
and, that surrounding area/or region

iN delphi, iN Greece, The Oracle, or The Group of Oracles
wrote on this occurence

The ancient spirits, 12 of them,
and, 12 new ones (the importance of aligning your own guidance)
manifested themselves 'to canvas'
in 2003/2004
along with a series of mandalas
which we are/or have almost deciphered
(just as, you think its done, more information iS oft times given)

we have NEVER aligned to any organised relgious practise,
we have NEVER been christened, or baptized,
or recorded into any type of organised religious group,
although, for a short period of time
from age 5 to age 6
our best friend at the time
attended a local sunday school
iT was a way to get
25 cents from our dad
and, put only 5 cents into the church coffers...
for, merely an investment of 1 hr of time~we got 20 cents

Later in life-at the age of approx 29
we were doing a seminar
and, we stated, that we had NEVER stolen anything
from anyone else
iN that moment,
we were broad_sided by the strangest light,
and, we were hit by a realisation,
that we had in fact,
had diverted/or stolen 20 cents of the 25 cents
that was intended for the church
for over 2 years time, back when we were 5, and, 6

after the seminar,
we went home, and, we calculated
20 cents per week, over 104 weeks, plus interest
from 1963 to 1988 - 25 years,
and, where shocked, at how much that was
since it was just 20.80/over 2 years
and, interest was at about 10%
and, got a money order, for the church
for that amount, plus the interest,
which was about $225.36
so, we went back to that church,
the following sunday,
on a very rainy day,
and, there were amasing stained glass windows
on the east side of the church,
and, at 10-11am,
the sun would be rising on that side,
and, lighting them up...they were dull at the time
and, the exact moment we put our money order
into the offering basket
the sun broke through the clouds,
and, we sat being bathed in this amasing light
of the stained glass windows

on that day, prior to the collection,
there was a young boy, who had lost an eye
after being shot, by a pellet gun,
a few weeks earlier, who had a single mother,
who could NOT afford to pay, for the new glass eye,
that was required for her son,
the minister, (i think, that is what they are called at a baptist church)
called their spokesperson,
announced, that he hoped, his people,
would be generous, and, as the collection baskets,
started out, on two sides of the room,
this was when the sun, outise the church,
made a start, at breaking through the clouds,
and, just as the basket arrived in front of us,
the whole room, became lit, with this amasing sunlight-streaming
through the very colourful stained glass windows
on the side of the church,
as, it came to us, we put in, our money order,
along with 3 very large 'cash' notes,
(which, we were NOT intending to do)
however, in that moment, it felt like the right thing to do
and, when the collection baskets,
made their way, back up to the front of the church,
the pastor looked down on them with astoinishment,
and, said, WOW, WOW, WOW
that he was so proud of the spirit of giving
that from the appearance of his collection baskets,
that many, had been very generous,
and, he said, NOW, he believed,
that the power of god, had worked through the people,
and, that the church, due to the generousity of its people,
were going to be able to pay
for the boys glass eye

we will NEVER forget the power that day,
the mother of the boy, was moved into tears of gratitude,
and, stood up, and, said,
thank you, for restoring her faith,
in the power that can come, when people help other people,
and, for giving her little boy, a chance to appear normal again.
The glow, and, the smile on both of their faces,
was a sight, to behold.
also, there was a 'good feeling' for us,
of at least settling a 'past' debt/or mistake,
or, a taking, of that which, was NOT intended for us,
and, setting it straight~by settling iT

and, seeing the power of what people can do,
when they help other people
and, work together to solve a problem
there, were a lot of hugs that transpired after the service,
authentic hugs, later that day,
someone who had borrowed money from us,
many years ago, that we had NOT yet discounted,
that one day, they would pay us back,
came, and, settled their debt,
and, we felt a lot of gratitude.

There have been other times,
that we read about other people,
giving money, when, they could 'ill afford' to give iT,
and, since 2004, we have struggled, to get through the month,
however, sometimes, in our hardest struggles,
we would give money, to an assortment of different people,
who were on their 'missions of truth'
and, everytime, we did it, did what we could 'ill afford' to do,
each and everytime, we did,
we got blessed, at least three times,
more iN value,
than what we had given away,
and, that never surprised us,
iT made us realise,
that, sometimes, you must give,
before, you can receive,
and, that always, and, iN all ways,
iT iS those who give,
that ever truly receive anything of value,
back to them.

more on us, to follow - there iS a lot to tell
+ xxx

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