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For sale:

Sarmatian - Persian Tribal King’s Ritual Gold Pectoral Necklace and Pectoral Amulet dated to 1st Century B.C. – 2 Century A.D

This ritual Gold Pectoral Necklace and Gold Pectoral Amulet is a complete set and attributed to Sarmatian tribal ruler (king) of Persian descent that lived approximately 2000 years ago.

The Necklace is beautifully decorated with ornaments, dotted pattern triangles, seven Carnelian (cornelian) stones and most important symbol the two birds, each one at both ends.

The Necklace is in very good condition and completely intact. Its structure consists of a single pure gold cover with carnelian stones and internal silver plate for structural support.

The Gold Necklace was worn directly on the chest (hence Pectoral) to display power and wealth of the bearer. Throughout various civilizations gold pectorals were always portrayed as symbols of power.

Special attention must be paid to the most distinct image on this necklace, the two symbolic birds. Their style and the way they are depicted show traces of Post-Sumerian culture (1500 – 100 B.C.) that was carried by Persian and Sarmatian tribes.

The Gold Pectoral Amulet is another world treasure on its own. With five Cornelian stones set on a decorated gold plate the entire composition rests on a silver amulet base. There is a slight damage seen on the entire amulet primarily on the top left corner and on the central cornelian stone. From conservation point of view the Gold Pectoral Amulet was completely preserved by experts from National Restoration Center of Lithuania (European Union).

The fact that these two artefacts survived as a pair and were worn by highest Sarmatian tribal ruler is incredible, a truly great treasure for the entire world. Cultural value of these artefacts is immeasurable.

From rarity point of view there are very few pectoral gold necklaces of this age in the world and all of them are located in top national museums. A pair of fully intact Gold Pectoral jewellery that belonged to tribal king who lived 2000 years ago is extremely rare especially in such good condition.

This is the only Gold Pectoral Necklace and Amulet in private ownership and currently available for sale worldwide.

Necklace size: 28 x 15 cmAmulet size: 8 x 5 cm
Starting bid: US $8,010,000.00

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