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Default Re: THE eXchanger's THREAD - iNSiDER iNFO without THE HiDDEN HAND


that YOU should watch out for...

or beings iN The Ethers
from the 24th/25th or 26th dimension, (or even up to the 32nd dimension)
and, many of them,
do hold contracts,
to stop you
(although, you didn't agree to them)
so, iT iS a good idea,
to ask, to rescind all old contracts,
that are NO longer in play

when most people cycle off,
they do NOT stop,
to cancel, their agreements

we've seen people with literally 1,000 of contracts
still in play, and, this can make a real royal mess
of their current lifetime

thus, the importance - to release/and, to forgive things
and, to let things go - everything, that isn't in 100% alignment

iT also, creates space / for new things to come iN

things more iN alignment, with your current path

also, some of the 24/25/26th dimensional ones
do NOT have hearts

(although they do have 2 completed matrixes)

saying NOTHING iN 100% alignment-keeps these ones at bay

or, beings,
that are 4th density,
that are 5th density,
or, 6th density -- roaming the ethers,
the low astral, and, the high astral

some of these ones,
go out - trick or treatin'
making people think,
they are talking to Thoth, Isis, and,
a raft of other beings,
that are already in completed matrixes/
or cycled off to their 10D/34d soul familes

these types of beings,
do have light,
however, they don't have enough light
to get to the causal/celestial or buddhic realms
or, to planets that are of a much higher density
and, they can really steal,
your energy

sometimes, a good way,
to discern, if you are channeling information,
that if you, are really exhausted/and, tired after talking to spirits,
and, you didn't ask them, if they were in 100% alignment,
and, if they are NOT, they must leave --
the neXt time, they come calling,
ask them, see if they stay, or they go ****poof****

sometimes, some souls that are hanging around,
need you, to lend them some light,
and, when you do,
they simply cycle on up to the 7th/8th/or 9th densities
sometimes, there are souls,
who do NOT even yet realise,
they are 'iN transition'
kind of puts a spin, on souls who are 'resting iN beds'
and, souls who are just 'lost' and 'roaming'

and, also sometimes,
the end of a life iS NOT pleasant,
and, folks have NEVER prepared themselves,
for their transition ...
and, when iT happens,
they totally freak out !!!

so, lucky are those,
who ever get to eXperience,
the honour of assisting,
iN helping someone walk out,

we once,
walked with a friend,
who was a former friend/mentor/teacher to Agartha,
iT was a 'most' enjoyable eXperience,
one of the assortment of amasing things,
we have done, and, one day,
we hope to return there,
iT iS possible, to go places, like that,
when you learn how to harness your dream-time

also, speaking of DREAM-TIME or DREAM-TYME

you can also program your sleep

ask, for an hour nightly of learning the 'light' encoded languages

ask, to hear your song , or your 'soul sigil

ask, to see, your soul sigl

and, tomorrow, WE WiLL POiNT YOU ALL iN the direction

on how to draw, your own soul sigil

there iS a lot to learn

and, there iS plenty of time

and, when there iS a WiLL, there iS a WAY - THE WAY
+ xxx

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