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Default Re: THE eXchanger's THREAD - iNSiDER iNFO without THE HiDDEN HAND

Originally Posted by Malynda View Post
Thank you, eXchanger. I am more than willing to do this all out. Some of it seems familiar to me from some of the Wiccan circles and Egyptian Ceremonial Magic I studied and participated in. I definitely need to learn to command and demand. I think I will also start back up on the pendulum to get my sigil number. I have a feeling it will be 5 or 15 because I am drawn to them but we shall see.

Can you explain a bit more about the Trinity or Trine we all have? Is this a Trinity of 3 beings who guide us?

Thank you so much for this explanation and teaching. I am going to copy this post so I can see it and do it. Thank you truly.
yes, this is the 'authentic' high magic
straight from The Hand of KulKulKan,
we have merely brushed the surface

Your Trinity/or Your Trine
is your assortment of higher densities
that you share, with yourself,
and, possibly with others,
some souls right now,
are enjoying concurrent lifetimes,
and/or parallel lifetimes,
in other places,
up til 2004,
we had a concurrent lifetime in a pyramid in the sky,
although, we never did figure out,
exactly where, it was,
when, we ended it,
it could have been this incarnation,
that went ***poof***

or, that other one, which was also 8D/32d

fortunately, for us, it was the other one,
that cycled off, and, went to the 10D/34d
collective cycled off monad/soul family

and, this incarnation, remained in tact

our essence twin,
is another 9D/33d being
and, is currently incarnate,
in The Kogi Tribe

this happens - so, you can learn, all your lessons faster

your 7th density - Higher Self is YOU
your 8th density - The Essence - is the master controller...
sort of like, essence knows best

your 9th density - the monad - This The Master of The Master controller

************************************************** *****

Guides, are something, that is different

If you do an experiment
and, bring in all your guides
you would be amased at all the beings, that show up
(we had a stadium full of them)

if you ask, for only those ones
in 100% alignment with YOU/and, where YOU are NOW
and, thank the ones, who came, for their help,
and, release them, to go onto their neXt assignments,
you'd be really surprised,
at how fast, the stadium empties,
and, you get left, with just a handful

also-it can be good,
to ask, for those, that no longer,
can take you higher, to go,
so, NEW ones, can come in

it is really amasing,
the completed matrixes,
that are here, NOW,
willing to help many of us,
if only, we would ask !!!

good questions

thanks for eXchanging with us
+ xxx

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