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Default Re: THE eXchanger's THREAD - iNSiDER iNFO without THE HiDDEN HAND



we are suprised,
that most of you are NOT more observant

HiDDEN HAND is obviously from Canada

they spell THE WORD `` color ``

- as, coloUr - with a "u"

which narrows things down

to the country of The UK or Canada

which are the only two places in this world,
that they spell color, as colour

they also utilise a keyboard - with an accent é

-- which is NOT on a UK computer,

but, it is, only found on a canadian computer

note the word

namasté - only a canadian multi-language computer could
you accomplish that feat

-on any other computer, you could NOT do that

also, they raise words like ``NOT``

AND, type things often in

quote marks, utilsing either singular ones ` or double ones ``

We would like 'to eXpose'
some of the errors,
in their assortment of eXchanges...
and, eXplain to some of you,
why they do, what they do !!!

and, why what they do,
is NOT going to work anymore !!!

You see, Mother Earth,
decided, that 4th Density, 5th Density,
and, 6th Density, wasn't high enough,
and, set her grids,
much higher than that.
now, they are set at
7D/8D/and, 9D
congruent, with your Trinity/or Trine
in your original blueprints

Beings, who can NOT naviagate
the teachings of The Wingmakers,
and, can NOT be authentically,
and, truly be in their heart,
can NOT move up, and, through,
to 7th/8th, and, 9th Density

The Mother Earth, has returned
to the state of Lemuria, and, Atlantis,
at the core of it , in its heart.

James, as, brilliant as he is,
gave you the 6 virtues of the heart,
if you are NOT familiar with them,
we will post a link to them,
and, you can read them.

Wingmakers, is NOT a myth,
it is composed of some 'real' and,
very 'factual' information

The Six Heart Virtues, from James,
are of paramount importance
to know, and, to practise

(pay attention to this site)

PA/PC, ever did, was with James

Back on 10/10/2008,
we brought through information,
we will need to access tomorrow,
(and/or find someone who can type fast
and can transcribe 2 mp3's of approx
30 minutes / and, 60 minutes,
so, we might edit them)
which related to our original set of virtues
at the time of avalon/and, of camelot
in another grand cycle.

if anyone had ever told me,
that being 'The eXchanger'
was going to be this much fun,
we would have done it earlier !!!

(although, any earlier, we would likely NOT have been ready)

it IS Time !!!

in order to topple the other side,
in an information age,
it is only necessary,
to share, every piece of information,
you possibly can,
that give people,
back their true force, and, their true power
we believe, we know, many ways,
to do, just that

we are NOT going to bother,
to waste our time, to eXpose them,
by name, rank, and, serial number

we are sure, they know, who we are,
however, we are NOT interested in anything to do with them,
and, besides, those types of people,
will NEVER again be in the type of worlds,
we all, will incarnate too

however, we are going to have some fun,
taking some of the questions that they were asked,
along with their answers, and, giving the world,
something, a little more congruent
with what end,
is really UP !!!

a lot of their stuff - is simply, dis-information

likely from "the goddess of lies" or "the imposter god"

who have visited a lot of people,
and, make them think, they are 250D people,
and, once were eve

beings like that, do have a lot of light,
however, they can NOT stand the test,
of being in 100% alignment,
they instantly go ****poof****
and, they are gone

hmmm---i think, this HiDDEN HAND,
was promising at best 6 ???

4th density-just tosses you into The Ethers

5th density-just puts you into the low astral / a very dangerous place


6th density-just puts you into the higher astral/also, a very dangerous place

we gave you

7, 8, and, 9

13 concepts
from original spark,
through 9 levels,

plus your Trinity / or Trine

without blinking an eye

we have merely just starting to warm up,
there is a lot more, to come !!!


NOW for a 'real' eXchange
to take place,
it takes, more than '1' person
so, where are all the other 'real' eXchangers ???
+ x

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