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Default Re: THE eXchanger's THREAD - iNSiDER iNFO without THE HiDDEN HAND

Subject: so what exactly are you?
Date: 09/09/2009 11:30:07 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

so what exactly are you? tell me more

Response from The eXchanger:

We have merged with our 9D/33d
(9th density-33rd dimensional Bridge, thru Triad & Trine/or Trinity)
of our higher self / essence / and, monad
which were located at 7D-31d, 8D-32d, and, 9D-33D

We are now merging/or working with
our 10D/34 Main Guide,
who refers to himself as
The Forever Grandfather
known as KAN aka KulKulKan
he is a part of our collective soul family -
that have already cycled off
although he is a discarnate soul
who can move through 34 dimensions.

We are merged with 'our future self'
known as, 333 333 315(*)/or 333 333 351(*)
or, simply THREE

This matrix was incarnated as
back in 1200bce cusco peru

(which is likely, one of our most powerful grand cycles)

approx 26000 years ago
-it was known, as
The Carver, The Record Keeper
of Ancient Star Knowledge & Sacred Ritual

approx 50000 years ago
-as, The Twin of "T"
-we where The High priestess "S" in atlantis
-who taught in The 13th Temple of isis
(there were 12 temples for men,
and, there were 12 temples for women-
and, the 13th temple
- was for both men/and, women
who had graudated the other 12)

When, we started to do the last push through work,
we had things tangled in our matrix:
(back in May of 2009)

there were
17 consciousness units
of which, only 13 - belonged

they were:
6 angelic/6 elemental/1 humanoid/3 reptiles/and, 1 insect

NOW, we have a matrix,
that is composed, of 'the original'
13 intended consciousness units

which have all been activated
as of 17 AUGUST 2009

they were as follows:
6 angelic
6 elemential
1 humanoid

12 pairs of dna activated / fully operational

2 matrixes (both activated) 12D/12d + 12D/24d
(these are linked to Order of Melz. & Order of Elohim)
9191 and, 10
not yet joined/or merged to current matrix
however, they are accessiable

The divine soul's current frequency is 580 (NOW it is over 888)

The polarity of the soul is neutral (which is preferred over positive).

The soul is 60% integrated with the soul matrix -
(NOW it is 100%)

The consciousness mix has
(or had when I did the analysis on the 17th, 13 units)

13 units,
the insect/and, 3 reptiles no longer officially have a hold on us,
we got rid of them

chart maker comments: they are gone !!! good work

NOW, there is -- 13 consciousness units

1 humanoid consciousness unit
6 angels,
6 elementals,

The consciousness level,
using the scale of Dr. David Hawkins, is 620, now it is 890.

(Reporting in 5-point increments, as usual)

The level of spiritual awakening is 90%,
which is the highest we've ever found in anyone [/SIZE]
(a few others are as high as 85%)

You are living 100% free...
35% by the will of the body mind/personality
and 65% by divine will.

The oversoul connection is 55% open.
NOW, it is 100%

Your light ratio is at 60%,
NOW, it is 100%

The energy field's integrity is at 100%.

The body is 80% grounded...
NOW, it is 95%

The DNA frequency went up to 76 GHz
(on a scale of 74-78).
NOW it is 77 GHZ

The body measures 8,055 Bovis Energy Units on the Bovis scale,
and I think it will go up some more as time passes.
NOW, it is 10,005 BEU

You're under 180 lbs. of pressure.

You're carrying 110 lbs. of psychic weight
and 65 lbs. of emotional weight.

As I told you, there are some damaged circuits,
and that's understandable
considering what you've been through
since we began this change work with/for you.
(NOW circuits are repaired)

No damaged templates.

The central vertical channel is 100% clear of contaminants,
but there are still some soul cord issues
(10% toxicity level)

NOW clear ~100% clear

Your energy bodies are all fine and "reconfigured."

They are 85% clear overall,
and no one has gotten more clearer than that.

The major and minor chakras are 80% clear overall,
and that is very, very good!
The crown and throat chakras still need a wee bit more work..

NOW, 100% clear

Life WAS 10% sabotaged...
More work to do that...
None of that is self-sabotage.

NOW it is at ZERO - NO sabotage

The negative ego programming was at 10 (on scale of 1-100)
NOW it is at ZERO -
(This makes us wonder, if 'ego' is at 10,
and, life is 10% sabotaged,
where the heck, that is lurking ???)
and, the answer was in - blow out the dirty
'soul chord' - flushing that, fixed it
(hmmm--NOW that is gone)

I shared how amazed I am about the extremely
low number of negative programs running--
how did you do that ???

(63 negative programs running,
10 of which are fear programs)

No negative spirals,

no reversals,

no dark aspects of MSS,

no overshadows or overlays,

no % of the consciousness controlled by demonic energies,

no curses/prayers/magic/etc.,

no SPEs, (suppressor parasite entites)

no guardian devils,

no illegal obsessions, oppressions, or possessions.

No extension through or into,

no negative psychic cords with others,

no attached animal or human spirits needing assistance with transitioning,

no spiritual intrusions,

no psychic parasites,

no "evil spirits" or "demons of darkness" hanging around.

Yes, illegal energies, which is normal.

These are to be addressed at least weekly
with an affirmation and energy movement.

Now 6 cosmic implants
(as described in the Description of Analysis,
which doesn't mean there aren't other kinds),
none of which is harmful.
2 communicator
2 locator
2 other types

WE have just come
full circle into 9D/33d in this matrix,
and, the other two matrixes;
are already full circle
at 12D/12D + 12D/24D

This might give some of you,
some idea, of just how complicated
we all are !!!

NEVER-the-LESS, this type of work, is very interesting !!!
+ xxx

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