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Default Re: THE eXchanger's THREAD - iNSiDER iNFO without THE HiDDEN HAND

a comment:
Hey , Susan, you must feel better!
When we corresponded by email you were a little low on energy,
dealing with your frustrations with renovation, selling, all of the earthly and relationship stuff.
You must have been set free...
let me know what happened...
I tried to read most of your posts...
whew, so glad you didn't leave Avalon...
you rock, I knew you were a walk in when I saw your photo...
not your avatar photo , but the email one I think.
You are beautiful...
Glad you are well. Take care, XXXXXX

************************************************** *****
A comment back,
from The eXchanger...

Thank you, for your lovely eXchange

We are the 'original' intended soul
for the body, we are currently in

We walked out, on 11/3/1991
and, came back in, on 4/6/1993-
and, on 10/25/2007,
we went through a NDE,
recently, we totally re-birthed ourselves,
without, actually leaving - it happened,
in approx. 3 minutes of earth time,
it was an amasing eXperience

We were birthed on 7lk,
the first of the last five dead days,
on the mayan calender

We were conceived in 1958 on 7lk,
260 days earlier, at the side of Round Lake,
in Alconquin park, in a golden tent, with NO floor

My parents, are from the soul family
C2E6, and, it is NOT the same one,
that we are from ...
although in particarchal times
where there are significant stones in Africa,
my father was a King,
and, we were, one of his wives,
my mother, in this lifetime,
was also one of his wives, too.

(proof we go around, with the same people)

my dad, is a King Cast Scholar,
and, my mother, is a Sage Cast Server
and, they are both, 'old souls'

My best friend, XXXXX, set me free
(and, she's NOT from my soul family)
you got to love it, when, you have an angel investor,
as, your best friend)
this is the 2nd time
in this lifetime, she has saved my ass.
(we suppose, she knows, we have lots of equity
in our bricks, and, we are a low risk)
it is just a temporary loan to finance, the final reno
(should we decide we will sell)
we really do want to convert our equity into a 'special' location
(and/or join forces, with a sustainable community, already created)

We are NOT sure, why she did this,
although, she knows, once we do,
what it is, that we intend to do,
we will make sure, she is 'well' looked after,
ironically, this soul, was The Mother of King Arthur,
in The Grand Cycle of Camelot, in Avalon.

(more on that Grand Cycle-will be coming)

Stay tuned -- and, ask us questions !!!

We welcome your comments too...
and, will NOT reveal your name,
some of the instant messages today,
have been quite entertaining !!!

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