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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

/03/2008 9:01 PM
The OLD ANCIENT BRIDGER - The 13th Bridge

"Goggle and Helmet" ON AIR Readings with Kerrie O'Connor...

Kerrie O'Connor has remained actively clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient since birth. In addition to being a Reiki Master,
an Incan Shamanism Initiate,
a Medium of the Doreen Virtue School,
and a certified teacher/practitioner of the EMF Balancing Technique®,
Kerrie is the singular resource for all LightStream[TM] guidance.


Here's the words to the reading:

from: 67:13 minutes to 73:46 minutes

Area code 905 you are live on news for the soul

The eXchanger:
Well Hi Nicole...I've been sending you lots of good energy

Muchly Appreciated , thank you very much
who are you, and, where are you calling from

The eXchanger:
i am susan
i don't know about you
but this is the best healing session i've had in the past
750,000 years


The eXchanger:
Kerrie your energy is amazing
i mean it's as amazing
as it is fascinating
i mean, i am sitting here and i feel
like i'm already home !!!

oh that's wonderful
that's great
that you are an ancient one, aren't you !!!
you are just glowing in this energy

The eXchanger:
i got a question for you


The eXchanger:
i had i near death experience
i came into earth i guess,
as, an 8th dimensional being


The eXchanger:
& on jul 29/66 when i was 7, i had a drowing
and, i guess, i went 7th Dimensional then
and, then, on 8/3/1983, when i was 34
i went 8th dimensional,
i had a heart attack


The eXchanger:
on 10/25/2007, just recently ( i had a heart stop)
i merged with my 9th density oversoul


The eXchanger:
umm...when it happened
2 birds came in,
and, one of them i believe belongs
to the man, i crossed paths with on 1/1/2008


The eXchanger:
and, this relationship is kind of like taking off like a rocket ship


The eXchanger:
what's it really all about ???
what did i really come here to do ???

ok , what you came here to do susan
is to bring, and, be an anchor
of that energy,
of the 9th/10th/11th dimensional energies
so, as you are expanding out
your energy fields
think of susan, where ever you walk,
you are changing / and, shifting
the people around you
you are changing the earth's energies

so, you are a bridger
you came in here to help shift & bridge because
this is the lifetime were we are anchoring in the new earth
and, so, you are pivotal with that
it's like you are pivotal to change and anchor the energies
THINK OF IT, you are simply
it's just to simple
but it's doesn't have to be hard words for explaining what you do

i see you are here to help anchor in this new energy
and, again part of your energy comes in as 1000 watt light bulb
and, so i'm seeing your feet, as happy feet
so, it's like energies /and, people are waking up to that 1000 watt energy
and, so, you are going to be reconnecting to other ancient soul groups
and, as, you are doing this
think of our 7th thru 12th chakras
are expanding out, and, making bridges
so, just like how we are talking about doing the tele_classes
we are going to be extending our energies out
& ummm...bridging to each other
and, connecting to each other
and, creating a sacred rain
this crystalline rain that will
it will go out to people's individual energy fields
so you are here to bridge the collective consciousness
with personal grids

so, that's ,
that's profound

so, YOU ARE majorly shifting,
when you are making a cup of tea
with your inner intention
and, never mind
when on purpose & go out intend
to connect with other people
work with the global group
it's HUGE

and, as; far with the relationship
what i see, what we are doing
we are connecting with what i call the double helix relationship
so, it's beyond a twin flame
it's the double helix, the divine compliment
relationship (so, think there is of jesus / mary m) --
there's always been divine compliment

so, what the relationship
i'm NOT surprised that it's going very fast
ummm... that's what we are ordering up
we are meeting our divine compliments
so, there here to go very fast
to anchor because:
it brings in your frequency
it brings in their frequency
& it's another, it's third frequency
that love frequency ,
that is going out

it's just simply having your soul song going to
to a unified field
and, it goes and, attunes everybody to want to remember
to wake to their soul song
it's beautiful
when two of more gather together
we can change the world
so that's what you are helping
pivotally / profound shift,
so that's wonderful

The eXchanger:
i wondered because,
they told me i was the #13th old ancient,
and, that i was the bridge

ummm hmmm ummm hmmm ~ YES/YES

The eXchanger:
i often wondered if i was just dreaming a lot it up
but, just too many things happened
it just couldn't be a dream
but, it really is a dream,
but, we are really creating
or dreaming our own reality.


The eXchanger:
OK, so in other words,
just go with the flow

yes, you know especially because
everyone is talking about the thirteenth bridge
the thirteenth bridge
and, there in the bridge
so BEING/working with the,
energies susan
and, really consciously expanding
and, even what i'll do
is i'll get the globe, i'll picture the globe
i will with my intention
connect to other bridgers
and visualize
crystalline rain, is way i see it
so this energy goes though, the earth grids
and, it goes down and through each and every
single individual, to their higher self,
to help them remember who they are,
so, its really an accelerated time,
for us to work proactively with it
before, we were doing it in /with our inner circles,
and, within our inner ourselves
so, to be able to ground it to the earth
so, it's time for us to go out
so, it's could be connecting to it, in your kitech

The eXchanger:
so, i created a mill up to the 99D's a safe way to travelling through a mill
i'm sure you know what mill travel is
so, in other words, keep doing what i'm doing
i am on the right path


The eXchanger:
yeah, there really isn't a path were i go

i call it tube travelling

go with the flow

keep up Good job

that's exciting

The eXchanger:
i'm working with st. germain a book, just like Karen said i'd do


The eXchanger:
perfect thank you so much
brightest blessings to you ; and thanks for taking my call
thank you

thank you

************************************************** ***




We've done a few of them,
and, they are very interesting,
and, eXcellent too

here's some links:

(for free) check out her websites
http://www.kerrieoconnor (2 free attunements)
+ /xxx

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