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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

01/04/2008 12:33 PM

Ancient Order of The White Rose,
incarnated with 67 times, 3rd in governance
Susan asks:

Over and over again, my essence chooses
to align itself with "The Order of the White Rose",
who was i in my most significant past life within this order,
and, how does this relate to this current 13th grand cycle?

<NancyG> Susan, this is Nancy speaking.
Can you describe The Order of the White Rose for me?
Susan, I asked if you would please describe the Order of the White Rose for me.

SUSAN> it is an old mystical order
a group of fragments/souls, high priest / high priestess,
healers & magic workers

(Egypt) Hermopolis.

<NancyG> Thank you.

<NancyG> The memory that the woman Susan has of her association
with this mysical order is of being in the circle of governance.

She was the third most important member
and attained this position through serious study and devotion
to the ideals of this group.

She remained in this position until her death at the age of 47.
The ideals of healing and study have carried over into many of your lifetimes, Susan.

Sometimes the healing has been prominent,
sometimes study has been more to the fore.

The connection in this lifetime is somewhat less solid,
making it a kind of background music for this time.

You connect with some of your fellows during dream states
and you enjoy their comaraderie once more when you do this.

During this current grand cycle
you have joined with the members of this ancient order
a total of 67 times.

Channeled by <NancyG> / Michael Entity channel

[B]Side NOTE;

#1 of the order at that time,
was Thoth or Teti,

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