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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

Date / Time: 01/04/2008 12:07 PM

You were a well regarded Atlantean Priest who taught Astral Projection / Astromony

I am an old king cast sage
I'm a spiritualist, expression is important to my essence in this life,
in several past lives I expressed myself successfully in orally and in writing,
I seem drawn to elemental magic, nature spirits, alternate realities,
invisible worlds,
I've always felt this current life is a patterned continuation
after a specific past life.
so, who was I , in the past life that is most closely related to this life
(once I was told to mediate upon " 23 Royal Star of the Lion")
however, when I did that , it projected a lot of stuff,
including a pending project to work on with 339 c1 e7,
perhaps; the two of us, where also together in that life?

Susan, the lifetime you feel most closely aligned with now
is one that was lived in the realm of Atlantis.

You have reached deeply in order to join with the self
that was in that place at that time.
You feel this now,
and you have continued to manifest a sense of "otherworldliness" about you,
even on a conscious level.

In that life, you were a priest of NO small repute,
and you taught astral projection and astronomy.
You were well regarded and were missed when you passed.

A male in that life, you never mated
but did leave your mark on several young men and women
in your arena.

The fragment of whom you speak
also shared a life in that realm
but you did not have physical awareness of one another at that time;
however, the racial memories of previous Atlanteans
are often so great that they will seem to have occurred simultaneously
or in the company of others that clearly did not take place at that time.

karen murphy 3/19/2006
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