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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

- 3/14/2008 2:36 AM
LIVE LIFE OUTLOUD !!! What's in the week ahead ???

The warm glow that is coming straight at us,

off the Moon through the ethers -- is reflecting out to others,

the depth of our emotions, the depth of our feelings,

the intensity of our thoughts, & it is allowing us to reveal,

to be passionate, to state our truths...

it is allowing us,

to explore, to investigate

all that we truly are !!!

With a moon in Gemini,

the zodiac sign of the twins,

it's stuffed full of ideas,

(the realised, or the un_realised)

it's all stuffed full of the opportunity

to communicate,

to be heard, and, to be listened too

to listen, and, really hear what someone else is saying.

It's all part of the eXchange,

the NEW eXchange that is going on...

it is, as if,

we can hear the gears moving,

inside of the mind,

and, the higher mind.

It is a time, for the DREAMER to awaken,

yes, it is, in YOU !!!

With my ascendant in my natal ,

which sits at at 22 degrees 33 minutes of Gemini,

two master numbers....

it is an especially amazing time for me.

I can always, feel those energies,

of a GEMINI / Twin moon.

As, the moon slides into Gemini,

many twins, double helixes, and twin compliments, & twin rays

will find their mates,

will find their minds,

automatically opening,

to all, that they truly are.

When things, become more open,

they also, become a lot more flexible.

It presents to everyone, an instant offer

a place, where chance, meets with opportunity,

where destiny, fate & love come to nest,

where you can really peel back the onions,

and, to investigate the assortment of layers...

that you need to shed.

The moon was recently sitting square to Uranus,

in the sign of fishing, Pisces, the twin fishes...

which really will allow many to examine,

and, thoroughly investigate

the true depth of many situations,

that are being brought to the fore.

Since Pisces is seen, as, a major force, or, a trigger,

it allows the intuitive insights,

Since Libra is seen, as, the balancer,

it will reach in, and, bring things out from your deepest parts,

so, you will be able to attract it, expose it & explore it.

When the moon slides into Gemini,

something amasing is going to happen,

i can feel it...

that love of gathering information,

of reframing past, present, future, into The Pivot of The NOW.

Yes, something amasing, is about to present itself.

The opportunity you have been waiting to come to you,

it will arrive, and, by fully allowing yourself,

to forge a bridge of access, to your deeper unconscious self,

and, it, you will really start to awaken.

Yes, it is time, to be THE DREAMER, again.

These types of star formations, are the kind,

that allow you to wake UP to truly understand,

the real potentials, you have always wanted to discover:

NEW WAYS to do things, and, NEW WAYS to be.

Moving onward, to the 18th of March,

good old Jupiter will make a challenging,

but, constructive link with Saturn.

While the messenger Mercury, and, Mars,

will combine to help.

If it's problem solving you need to do...

you are going to get a giant boost,

so, it is a time, to really dig in, and,

really get ready ...

it's always good to put, a little "hard work" in front of "the fun"...

even better, it is possible to have both, at the same time

The 20th day of March,

the Sun, it moves into fiery Aries, the Ram,

and, it's wise, to pay attention, to whom,

you choose to butt heads with.

Then on the 21st day, we have a full moon,

in balance, in the sign of The Scales-Libra,

however, everyone in balance, is going to want to LOUDLY broadcast,

whatever it is, that is, their point of view ...

be sure, to buy, and, to wear your EAR MUFFS !!! <LOL>

Sometimes, it's wise, to take a deep breath,

while counting to ten, if it helps you listen better !!!

Besides, it's hard to breathe, and, talk at the same time !!!

Remember, if you want to be heard,

you have to also know how to listen !!!

This week, check out someone's show...

put them on your favourite's list.

Make some connections

with "NEW" FRIENDS...

Discover some "OLD" connections

with "OLD" FRIENDS...

Do like the change, you want to see this this world ...

Do like Martin Luther King...i have a dream...ask to awaken to it


TOGETHER, we all, CAN shine bright !!!

If we CAN, you CAN,

and, we all CAN !!!

Brightest Blessings of Energy, Light and Love

We are

Simply Susan

WHiTE LOTUS STAR aka The eXchanger (13)

The Journey to the 13th Bridge

"Where your good gets better...

and, your better, becomes your best"
+ xxxx

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