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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings


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14/03/2008 1:08 PM

Attained Level of Mastery,
You will help others to understand,
You are a guide,
You are Ready ...

Kira Raa, Angelic Oracle

RADIO SHOW archive:
Dialogue can be listed to
at 11:00 minute TO 13:33 minute
by clicking on the above link !!!

SRI: let's say hello to susan from canada

KIRA: ohh namaste beautiful !!!

SUSAN: hi, there how are you two ???

KIRA: we are delighted to share this moment with you

SRI: Thanks for being on hold

SUSAN: its been a long time since we saw each other UMMM....
2005 (Feb 05 -- Los Angeles CA- The City of Angels)

KIRA: yeah

SRI: yes

SUSAN: and, we did those 5th dimensional ascensions
& they were fabulous

KIRA: i am so grateful you were there

SUSAN: ohhh i am grateful that i came

KIRA: thank you

SUSAN: thank you so much, you did so much for me
i have a question for you

KIRA; sure

SUSAN: on 10/25/2007 heart stopped
and, when my heart stopped
my essence/oversoul/or monad
or my 9th density
higher self merged with me

KIRA; yes

SUSAN: and, it told me,
i am 13, and, a bridge,
like a bridge to the 13th dimension

what exactly does that mean ???

well first of all
i just want to to congratulate you
for allowing that beautiful activation
to come forward in your life
because you did have a choice in that moment
whether you were conscious of it, or not !!!

yes, i had a choice to leave; or a choice to stay
to do the work i was here to do

KIRA; exactly,
yes, i am honouring your choice

SUSAN: however, something else strange occurred at that time

KIRA: yeah

SUSAN: when i had my drowning 1966,
and, i had my heart attack when i was 34,
both times; a big white bird and, a big black bird came in.
i knew the white bird was my higher self
but, the black bird, it turns out,
that on 1/1/2008
the lower self that belongs to the big black bird
he crossed my path.
So, not, only did i get sent my divine compliment
(aka double helix)(WAY beyond twin flame/or soul)
which is absolutely an unbelievable thing !!!
BUT, YOU understand that,
because you are with your divine compliment !!!

KIRA: YES, and, isn't it an extraordinary gift
we are here together on this planet NOW
i want to answer your original question
your "13", and, THE BRIDGE

This is about
this attained level of mastery
and, as, i am sharing this with you
this portal has opened over you
and, right around you
and, you are being invited in
they are saying:
keep one hand here, as, you extend the other hand,
across through what many would call Eternity
for soon,
YOU will help others to understand,
YOU are a Guide

Kira Raa, Angelic Oracle

RADIO SHOW archive:
at 11:00 to 13:33 for the reading

03/12/08 - Navigating the S.T.O.R.M.
We can all agree that the times we are in must and most certainly will, change.
How we navigate through these times, and our recognition of the energy
that is gifting us now WILL AFFECT our world.
You are that important and every moment you are faced with choice.
How are you flowing with the STORMS of our world…now.
To fully explore the STORM, Sri and Kira will offer you
powerful and tangible techniques to bring forth
Seeing The Oneness; Reclaiming Mastery.
There is a quiet center inside every STORM…
it is waiting for you!
The phone lines are open, give us a call,
experience your divine flow in action!
“In the time of the shift…everything will shift for everyone,
none are exempt!”…
Archangel Zadkiel, 2012: Atlantean Revelations, pg. 271
+ xxx

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