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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

Post Comparison-
Originally Posted by piers2210 View Post
Great thoughts, Susan, worthy of sticking on the fridge or something....Just to add to what you say:
People should remember that most things are the opposite of what you think.
For instance, try this: in order to hold on to what you love, you must let it go. Can we let others that we love be free, without control or possessiveness?? True love must involve freedom.
Can we truely overcome jealousy? Can you still love your girlfriend after she slept with someone else? Of course!
And try this: we always draw towards us what we fear most
Those who confront evil, fear, even if thieves, prostitutes or murderers, are closer to heaven than those whose cosy world view deliberately shuts out evil and denies it exists.
These are two of the key esoteric learnings about life, passed down through the centuries.
We are here to learn. Go out and learn something new everyday.
Well, we believe we are all here to learn,
through eXperiences...good ones/and, bad ones,
that way, we know the difference between different types of eXperiences

if you live in an evolved state of being,
then, we believe, that we would NOT attract
murderers/prostitutes/and, thieves-
and, they would NOT come in, to cross your path

why would you need that type of eXperience ???

many souls - are here NOW, and, they do NOT need to worry
about anything like that - those types of things,
just do NOT cross their paths at all

many souls - came in with agreements
they would NOT be harmed
(so, it would be wise,
to activate those sets of pre-natal agreements)

that they be
activated in this
moment of now (13)

and, it happens !!!

You get yourself, iNSTANT PROTECTION

also--we think, if you love something,
you need to 'be with it' and, 'not let it go'
why on earth, would anyone, let something they love - go ???

that just does NOT make a lot of sense

after_all - the goal is: total agape / or total love

too often, the lessons, are right in
the mirror, it is right there, right in front of us,
and, it is easier, to eXcuse the lesson, or lessons,
than, it is too live through them !!!

why, because people do NOT yet equate processing 'pain'
with 'real' learning

after_all most people do all kinds of things,
to avoid pain,
one good example of that,
is if they have pain, and, they just pop a pill
(the big question is:
did the pain disappear ?
or, was the brain dulled,
so, they just think,
the pain isn't still there)
popping pills isn't any 'real' solution to getting rid of the pain
(it is simply taking the route of one pill to the next pill)
which doesn't solve anything,
except keep 'big pharma' rolling in 'your dough'

on the topic of, allowing a boyfriend/or a girlfriend to cheat on you,
and, accepting that, i suppose, that is real proof,
many people, do get, eXactly what it is, that they allow !!!

from an energy standpoint, we got to be very careful,
who it is, we share our energy with - and, also,
if another is NOT careful who they share their energy with,
when we share our energies with another,
we also get a dose, of every other person,
another person, has shared their energies with,
NOT only in this lifetime, but, in all other lifetimes,
that is why, there is a lot of processing to do,
with anything, we choose to allow,
and, going through the whole processes
to cleanse/clean/and, clear things UP

Life can be, the ultimate journey,
or, a horrible trip

and, the choices always rest with us !!!

OR, just a 'trip'
+ xxx

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