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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

- August Energy Report 2009

July marked the rather awkward, yet enthusiastic,
leap into the exploration of the Attitude for the year,
which is IDEALIST. Most entered July on a wave of Passion
generated over the previous 3 months of April, May, and June
in which Passion, symbols, and identity were explored, shaken,
and some left behind, making way for a sense of renewal in the months ahead.

Many of you welcomed the energy of encouragement for improvement and betterment by your own standards.

But it appears to us that, for many, August has "fallen flat" in its sense of promise and improvement.

At best, most of our students appear to be in a state of Inertia,
the negative pole of this year's Goal of Flow.

At worst, a quiet, deep (and for some, a secret) disappointment has sprung within and August has turned into a sensation of weight
that must simply be endured, worked through, processed.

We say "at best and at worst" only for convenience as a way of describing one end of the spectrum as being fairly distracting,
similar to the rowing of a boat upstream,
whereas the other end off the spectrum is still a sensation of going upstream, but with a dragging anchor to contend with, as well.

If these states are familiar to you, it is more than likely a familiar case of Naivety, the negative pole of Idealism.

Your standards set high, your expectations set high, your enthusiasm set high, and as August has unfolded, you have discovered the depth of effort between what you envisioned and where you are.

It is not uncommon.

Setting your vision high, igniting your enthusiasm, and then either feeling as if you are falling short within a limited time, or simply incapable of fulfilling that vision, can cause a sense of crash and burn, or at the very least, a sense of running in place.

For some of our students, this collapse in enthusiasm has come because of that perceived gap between what is envisioned and where one is, but for others it has come because life has thrown you a curve
"just when you were ready to dive in to your improvement,"
or so it seems.

What we would suggest to those who feel this inertia
and weight is to realize that this is exactly a part of your process.
Often this collapse of enthusiasm can be consuming, which can then lead to the relinquishing of all concern, but it does not have to be.

The entire point of the collapse was proportional to your passion and intent to improve life and fulfill a vision. What is often not understood about the intent to improve the life is that

when that intent is genuine, then the improvement is genuine. When improvement is genuine, it is a rooting that must take place, and when something new is planted in place something that was no longer growing or nurturing you, then that old rooting is uprooted.

You are in the uprooting phase of your passionate effort
to improve upon your life toward your ideal.

What has come up as far back as the beginning of July for some,
and for most during the last week of July through this second week of August, are pivotal experiences that will change you in ways that experiences have rarely changed you,
if you choose to reap the lessons that have been be brought to bear.

It would be safe for us to say that if your end of July through August 15th have been less than spectacular, less than fulfilling, less than fruitful, and quite frankly more than disappointing, more than disheartening, and more than distracting from your enthusiastic vision, then you were more than likely deeply sincere in your intent to make this year "count" as a pivotal year in your self-development and direction, and that you may be missing the point of what has come to the surface during these past weeks.

Some of you may find that our description of disappointment and distraction to be too familiar for it to stand out as being anything new,
so we will leave it to you to intuit the validity of what we describe.

For some, the experience we describe above may be a repetitive pattern, or for others, the description is too vague. We can only say that for those who are experiencing the process of enthusiasm and intention for a pivotal year toward an ideal, what we describe will hit home.

An aside: Keep in mind that we describe in our energy reports the patterns that are most noticeable and have the greatest momentum, much like the kind of weather report your geographical area is generating.

This weather, if it actually manifests, is valid for anyone participating in it, i.e. having to travel in it, walk in it, etc, but may only be peripheral for others who are in a climate-controlled room, or focused intently on matters that do not take them "outside."

The same could be said about the energy reports and those "out in the weather" vs those who are not, so to speak. For those who might not relate to any given report, a different report would have to be given to them, relative to that person's specific world at the time.

For those who do relate to this report, we would suggest going back to read our February report, focusing on the dynamics of FLOW.

We would also suggest letting your disappointments, heartaches, grief, disorientation, weight, distraction, and disheartening moments give you the seeds of change that have come from the uprooting, or the displaying,
or the glaring redirection needed for you to fulfill your visions,
to honor your ideals.

The information, wisdom, trust, and gifts are there.

We do not say this to be poetic.

It is simply true, or at least it is true that you do have the capability and strength for extracting the meaning from your recent experiences in a way that the experience becomes information, wisdom, trust, or a gift.

We would like to add a word about Enlightenment, as we play this Position within many of our students' Support Circle:
We will first say that "enlightenment" is simply a building of a structure through which one can make sense of life.

It is not a goal, nor is it a state, so much as it is a natural ingredient in the process of evolution. Even your "a-HA!" moments are not moments of enlightenment, so much as they are punctuations in the book of enlightenment you write with your experiences.

One of the greater steps of enlightenment,
and one that is taken over and over across many lifetimes,
is the submersion into experiences that are overwhelming, deeply disappointing, painfully disheartening, defeating, or distracting, and finally grasping the truth that you are allowed to feel what you feel when you are in those experiences; that you are allowed to be overwhelmed, disappointed, disheartened, distracted, and to feel defeated; that to fight these feelings, to ignore them, to shame them, to contain them, to color them with pleasantries, to rise above them, etc. only leads to addictions, sedation, therapy, and other methods of securing False Personality at the gates of life to protect you from either feeling anything associated with these experiences, or to protect you from others seeing that you are feeling anything associated with these experiences.

We would call this "Endarkenment."

Endarkenment is not opposite to Enlightenment,
but are much like Hate and Love.

Hate is not the opposite of Love,
it is a misunderstanding and distortion of Love,
or, in other words, both are descriptions of a kind of intimacy.

In that same way, both Enlightenment and Endarkenment are attempts to make sense of life, but Endarkenment is a delusion,
a distortion of the structure that helps make sense of life,
and often an angry insistence of the meaning of things as if this may never change.

And so it is that many of you have stumbled upon your Endarkenment, holding up to the surface of your life
what it is that you have insisted is true about your life,
that contradicts your passionate higher vision, your ideal.

For some of you this is quite dramatic,
and for others of you this may simply be a bitter undertone in your days,
but you will recognize what we describe
if this has been the case for you in the past 6 weeks or so, and for some of you, this has not yet happened for you.
If you are one who has set out this year to make this a pivotal year, we would say that it is likely that you would be stumbling upon your own Endarkenment in the weeks to come, and this information may be of help.

August has no significant global or community shifts, but it appears to us that many of our students have fairly profound sets pivotal days within the month of August.

Again, though it is unusual for us to emphasize this in such a way, those of you who understand this report, will understand so with a clarity that further validates our resonance with you as students.

We rarely remind you of this, particularly for the sake of our position as a teacher, and for the sake of exemplifying the valid weight of such words when said with full presence; and though it is not unheard of that we say this when we feel it most important and appropriate,
we do wish to say now that it is true that you are not alone,
that we do care, and that it is true that we love you.

We do not share our teaching flippantly.

Most of you who work with us for any length of time are not
doing so as a novelty.

We have a relationship with you,
and that can often be forgotten in the intellectual emphasis of our teaching. But our higher perspective does not exempt us from these sensitive states of resonance with you, it simply allows us to know love for you
more profoundly than we can express
within the sentimental distortions of language.

We do not bring all of this up randomly,
of course, but to speak to some of our students
who will have stumbled upon a stage of Endarkenment.

The words we share in this report that would normally have been seen as uncharacteristic of our communication, will probably be heard more clearly than usual without contradiction to our usual communication.

Endarkenment, as it gives way to Enlightenment,
can often open one up to a great sensitivity and clarity of true communication, stripped of sentimentality, pleasantries,
and other False Personality tendencies,
not only between yourself and others,
but between Personality and Essence, and beyond.

In the same way that our words expressing resonance
with you may be heard more clearly,
so it is that many of you may find in the weeks to come,
a heightened renewal of contact and clarity
with your own guides and support groups,
both physical and non-physical.


[note: every year has a pattern of energy that can be described as a kind of "personality," so the energy reports are Michael's interpretation of that energy using the Overleaf System; these are not predictions, but merely observations of momentum and pattern generated by actions and choices, similar to how weather patterns can be observed and reported.] / TROY
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