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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

- many times, we have tried to tell others,
about the "real" war --

about the densities/and, the dimensions
places in between space/and, time
and, NOT a bunch of fluff - but, real stuff

unfortunately, it is difficult,
for us, when we feel, we are NOT heard

a couple of weeks ago,
we did start to 'spill the beans'
and, in the process, many attacks were attempted
(and, about all we felt, was a bit of heat)
we hope those attempting your attack
enjoyed - the energies we sent back to you
(we filled them with love, which to you, it is a poision)

After putting up,
about 26 posts,
we finally choose to delete it
why - it is simple - we just do NOT feel/or,
we do NOT think,
anyone here,
really honours/or respects anyone else --
and, that is why, we deleted it

we know, we were one of a few, who helped this place
get off to a good start,
we gave up, nearly 6 months of my life
to do it - and, yet, we got NOT one thank you,
from "the hosts" of this site ???

Sure, we love the name avalon, and, camelot - after_all,
that is, what a lot of it, is about, however,
that old 'grand cycle' of avalon/and, of camelot,
needs its 'real heart' restored 'here' in this NOW !!!

WE have to admit,
WE find that not only odd, but, also strange...
THAT the hosts, don't acknowledge their members.
and, also, that people here,
expect you to play on their threads
and, support them, but, they don't play on your threads,
nor support you - however, many utilise a lot of your time,
writing to us, privately,
since they do NOT want to acknowledge
their problems publically,
and, your good work, just goes,
NOT noticed !

it has taken us, over 33 years, of real work,
most of it, very detailed, very different, and,
very interesing,
we are highly evolved, and, highly skilled,
with a skill_set, that few, very few,
even have...and, this type of knowledge is required,
if you want to move up/and, move through
the who's, what's, where's, why's, and, when's of it all

some of our terms,
are terms, you might NOT be familiar with

we don't research other peoples stuff, we do our own stuff
and, are on the verge, of a total merge
with our 10D/34 oversoul group...
we are really, a well-well, that is very full,
and, we need to empty all we know, in order that we will be refilled...
this just, isn't the right place to do that

we are on the right tracks, since, we have merged with our
9th density/33rd dimensional higher self/essence/or monad
back in 2007 - unfortunately, we do NOT have the resources
that many of the others have, at their disposal,
so, we are having difficulty stopping our work,
which supports our 3D physical body,
and, getting the writing done ---
it's a challenge...
so, we are getting off all of these posting boards
to focus, on finishing the reno/and, selling the house
so, we will end up with lots of money,
to set up the next phase of our life
and, to write our books

after what we feel, see, and, sense
about what really is going on here,
we have to admit, our decision,
to erase our posts/and, stop posting here
was a good and, a valid one...
at the time

however, NOW, in hind-sight
we will edit things back
as, this was NOT a nice thing to do !!!

(fortunately, we kept copies of things)

we can be contacted at :

for anyone who is 'read only' and, can NOT make contact through the posting boards at PA/PC

best wishes to all,

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