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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

"Looking Within, Never Away."

Tonight as I waited for the tram home, I met a past self of mine.

It was dark, windy and the atmosphere was ominous and threatening.
I had bags of shopping and the only thing I wanted was to get home quickly
in order to beat the rain.

That is when a man came walking down the street

. He was obviously very stoned, or out of his mind due to some other substance.

He was walking, almost crawling, at a snail's pace - thinking he was continually dropping ten dollar notes along the pavement. He would crouch down almost to the ground, searching for those elusive, 'disappearing', illusory, ten dollar notes. Then he would just close his eyes and fall asleep in mid-reach.

I looked away.

I didn't need to see this. He was not my 'responsibility'.

His state was his own fault, I thought to myself. But then I looked at him.

And I saw my Self -- A past clubbing self -- a past 'me' that used to get so off his head,
that he would take a whole half hour just to find a ten dollar note in his wallet
to buy a packet of cigarettes.

'He' would constantly fall into a state of rapturous sleep on whatever club-couch he happened to be sitting on.

'He' was not only my 'sleeping' self - He was my UNCONSCIOUS self.

As I watched this sleeping, falling man several metres from me,
all of these realizations came to me in an instant.

I was not separated from this man.

This man was ME. I AM this man!

Any idea that this man and I were not One was merely a very clever and intricate illusion.

Several guys were further up the street - watching, snickering and laughing at this sleeping man. By now, two of his ten dollar notes had indeed fallen onto the ground. I looked up the street and saw my bus approaching.

And then I willed the ferocious wind to stop.

And it did.

I walked over to the man, picked up his money and handed it to him.
He awoke with a start. He wanted to shake my hand.
And then he thanked me. My only words to him were,
"Wake up, and stay Awake...At least until you get Home".

I had missed my bus.

But I had caught something else much more profound.

I had caught on to 'who' I AM, who 'I' was, and who 'I' will always be - every ONE.

And everything I have done,
and will ever do for another will invariably come back to me, and vice versa, and versa vice.

That sleeping man met a little Angel tonight.
And I know if I had never helped him, then I too,
would have never been helped by the many angels who have come into my life over the years.

Such is the grand, sacred circle of The One SELF.

The wind mysteriously started up again,
but it could not blow away the tears of profound gratitude and grace
that streamed down my face after that sublime encounter.

Tonight I healed, helped and loved without condition, a once 'fragmented' part of my Self.

Tonight, I brought a lost aspect Home.

You can look for Angels in your life...

Or you can BE the Angel.


Written by Another Point of You : Omnitheus Oneironaut.
+ xxx

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