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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

Channel Ilene Hetherington:

(i have veiled the name of the person,
who is inflicted with this, and, it is NOT me,
i received this, from a very valuable source, of information)

it is related to:

Here is the channeling:

I am requested to ask this question for ( -------name---------- )
She has what is called Morgellans disease.
She has live things coming out of skin,
mental disharmony, lesions,and constant itching
inside and out. What is this and what can be done?

HERE is the channeled response:

We will address this issue two parts.
one being the entity known as Morgellans
and one being the entity known as (---name---_

This a many layered disease process
which is fueled by an entity of 4th dimensional origins.
Certain engineers and science were impressed up
by species being of the 4th dimensional realm.
To develop products in the realm of living beings
to be used to infest crops.
These scientists were subject to contact
because of their activities in the solar plexus chakra, namely greed.
Their motive is monetary profits.
The Orion beings did make contact and impress upon these beings
a method to bringing into reality
a 4th dimensional etheric thought form
which became an entity of infection.
Understand that before certain negative thought forms can manifest,
there must be fertile soil within the beings,
in order to provide the catalyst for certain experiences.
In your culture there is a tremendous negative fascination
with interference in infection and control by alien cultures.

Many books and movies giving that thought form.

Those who vibrate to energy of victim or depression

These two combined together
make one open to certain manipulation by infectious agents.

It would be wise in those households ;
Where we find those infections agents firstly,
to follow a program of mental hygiene of which any
negative material of any kind is removed not consumed.
Not thru hearing, sight.

Specifically video games,movies,
books, which imply victim hood
or bring on a depressed
state of mind.

In these households we should find material
which promotes light heartedness,comedies, healing's ,
growing flowers, aroma therapy, no alcohol, no tobacco.

We must lighten the atmosphere
and begin using mental and
emotional means of empowerment.

Specifically this Orion tool is being used to promote fear,
victim hood and control.

To those in your population who have need of a catalyst of
regaining their personal strength and power.

It is given for certain beings to establish within them, the
direct relation to their creator,
The source of all existence.,

It is not a curse or punishment.

It is a within their karmic path to experience this illness
as a means of growth.

In the case of your channel who is speaking,
due to the fact that the Orion beings who do not want
this information disseminated (of control and cures of this illness,)
they did send an emissary to deplete her vitality.

However she is continually surrounded by protection therefore
she is immune to such attach.

We will not permit her to be in a mind set which would
permit her to experience such an activity and she is too
advanced to be susceptible to such control.

Therefore we proceed.

As we scan the structure of this infecting agent
we find that it has a quality Chameleon like.

This agent does morph from bacterial, to fungal to mucoid,
to spores and something similar to a spirochetes.

It is intelligent.

It is more advanced in its development than a virus or bacterium.

It has its own intelligence.

It is used by the Orion to create fear and specifically depression.

It also creates a terrible sense of unease
,with crawling energies
within the body.

It moves within the blood.

The colon mush be kept clean. (*** see below)

The treatment for this entity are many fold.
but namely we target the increase of the oxygen within the body,
(**** see below)
we protect the cellular integrity of the skin and inner
surfaces which surround the cells,
We enhance the immune system.
This entity has the ability to switch off a key receptor within
the cell that activates the immune system.

It is transmitted from person to person. it is in the air.
There are certain spore like beings which emerge periodically
from clusters which do move from person to person.

We begin with treatments,
Understand as the entity learns
its host it mutates to become resistant specifically within that host.
There fore the host should try various avenue of defense.

But most important is surrounding them with uplifting thoughts,
and people. Anything that brings them joy.
Also to avoid discussing or dwelling upon the disease with other people.
his grows the negative thought form which permits
the spread of this infection.
The entity lives on fear and depression.
That is its sustanous in the body.
These are carried as chemistry
signals within the body .
Therefore we change the body chemistry
.with the use of certain food stuffs and change of mind set.
Then the person who is afflicted no longer is a viable host.

We begin with protective foods and useful foods
Raw almonds, sunflower seeds
Raw sesame and flax seed
raw coconut, raw leaves of basil
raw leaves of peppermint
raw leaves of lemon balm,
yams, pomegranate
cooked beets, parsnips
kale and spinach cook or raw.
cabbage, brussel sprouts
any sprouting seed, alfalfa , red clover
mung bean sprouts,
walnuts raw,
apricots flesh and inner nut cracked and consumed.
keep in house flowers,
lavender oil bath, (***** see below)
we move to applications to the skin. Try these.

Crushed leaves of basil, apply to wound and all area of skin.
As poultice at night, application of aloe Vera gel direct from plant.
Pure castor oil may be mixed together with aloe Vera.. application.
Thymus Bulgarus essential oil of thyme - straight
one drop at time on lesions.(may irritate for a minute)

Basil oil may also be tried internally taking the Thymus Bulgarus
essential oil placing in capsules and take every other day 2 caps
with meal.or medicinal oil which much be purchased from reputable
company which sell for medicine. purposes.
As we scan most are manufactured in Europe.

Dioxychlor taken internally or used in gel form externally.
This product increases oxygen content of the body.

Aloe Vera taken direct from plant or taken in gel caps in liquid form.
Take three times daily. It can be mixed with apple juice.
as much as can tolerable.

Rescue remedy= Bach flower remedy for despair.
(******* see below)
Chestnut remedy for depression.
Elm for strengthening
Eat ripe plantain, strengthens integrity of cellular walls (type of banana)
Soak body in clay bath to which oil of lavender has been added.
Eat chives, garlic abundance. leeks.
avoid process foods artificial sweeteners ,
process meats, MSG
soda, microwave, and canned food,

Question; could information go to government offices to do some
thing about it.?

They are aware warriors from Orion
regularly influence scientists
to create biological weapons and pesticides and disease entities
to control populations.
They are aware at the highest levels of
what this implies.
The awareness is present, the desire to change is not.

question; Then those who are exposed to this agent can stay in
a positive thought form configuration and that will protect them.?

yes, As we did state.
They become unsatisfactory hosts for this being.
Because there is intelligence present
in this disease entity.
One must deal with it on the mind level.
It is very suggest able.
to the chemicals involved in the human brain
which control mood.
it thrives on Adoline,
It does not thrive on Oxytosin which are happy
Therefore working to produce these chemicals
thru any activity
which provides pleasure is poisonous to these beings.
Most specifically is contentment.

Any who are experiencing this disease
must understand that
this is a karmic choice,
which is highly layered and complicated
therefore taking responsibility
for ones state of mind regardless
of circumstances, of which the body is existing,
is the most
important key in this experience.
Therefore though offered as a
catalyst of negativity, for an aware individual,
it can be used for
a catalyst for rapid spiritual growth.

question -What states are experiencing this spraying?

Southwestern, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, western states,
water ways, southwestern seaboard spreading everywhere. Eventually.

This is of no consequence,
as this planet has been deemed to ascend.

We feel complete with this information at this point.
If there are other questions in the future we will be available to answer.

Channel Ilene Hetherington for XXX XXXXXXXXX questions

Anyway, i also concur,
with what has been channeled above...

The eXchanger suggests,
the following sources/for products mentioned:

*** experience & clear /
(for colon health/and, for cleansing parasites)
& complete for a product with many ingredients
mentioned above - for a simple 1 oz vitamin/mineral daily dose

**** vitamin O - oxygenates

***** real lavender oil
real thyme oil
real peppermint oil
aloe vera
purge / parasiste product

(i have a special pack of a product, that is better than rescue rememedy)
will come back, and, post it details on it,
it is available for approx $35/and, contains a myriad of homopthic rememdies
+ xxx

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