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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

As, we move toward December 21st, 2012,
which, is NOT the end of the world,
but, it is, simply an alignment of stars,
with The Milky Way, or galatic centre,
there will emerge,
the symbol of The Ouroboros,
which is, the central point which resides
near the star system of Sagittarius,
where, the serpent will appear, to be eating its tail.
For the line up, of the Milky Way, to the centre of this galaxy,
which occurs, at the time of the winter solstice,
on the 21st day of the twelfth month, of the year 2012,
it is, merely the end of The Age of The Suntelia Aion,
as, the scholar of Greece, referred to it, and, on that date,
the sun, shall make a rise, out of the mouth of The Ouroboros,
and, it will, simply mark, the dawning of a new new age,
The Age of Aquarius.

Already many sky alignments, are occurring,
that are signaling the approach of this significant alignment of
constellations/and, of stars

Get ready to ask, to step into a full rememberance
of who, and, what it is, that, you really are
and, why it is, you have chosen to put in an appearance
at this time ...the time, to forge an alliance
with all of your assortment of lower & higher selves,
is NOW -- ask, and, it shall be given to you ...
there are NO secrets,
for truth is, just that, truth,
and, it is totally up to you,
to discern, what is, your truth.

do it, to be, it
be it, to do, it

command, and, demand,
with all that you are,
so, it is,
all, that you can will it be

will it to be, so, it will be, and, so iT iS
+ xxx

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