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In Search of the Holy Grail and the Lore of the Vampire

Excerpt taken from upcoming book “In Search of Ancient Man”

Mary Sutherland Copyright 2008

Evolution of the Surface and Subterranean Dwellers

Imagine the sun being blotted from the sky, unprecedented storms, global flooding, high winds, earthquakes and volcanic activity filling the atmosphere with ash, reducing the weather to sub zero temperatures. Conditions like this would make it next to impossible to survive on the surface. Now imagine that some were privy to the upcoming cataclysms and had prepared underground cities for just such an event.

During these super storms the “chosen” went underground ground where they lived relatively safe, preserving the knowledge and memories of the civilization they left behind. The rest of the people were left on the surface to face the full effects of the cataclysms. As time went by, both the surface and subterranean people would have evolved in accordance to their environment.

The surface people would have suffered severe trauma with fear and superstition influencing their lives dramatically. Having lost everything, along with their food supply they resorted to cannibalism. Radiation exposure and extreme temperatures would have created various degrees of mutations and their skin color would have darkened due to an increase of melanin, a pigment that creates hair, skin, and eye color.

Ancient stories of the subterranean people describe them as people of the night, having the ability to shapeshift or camouflage their appearance. Their skin was described as ranging from white to blue in color and they had large glowing eyes. Their strange appearance to the surface people is thought to have been the contributor behind the stories of vampires, werewolves and demonic creatures of the night.

Having no exposure to the sun’s rays, the subterranean people would have lacked melanin, causing their hair to range from white to light colored and their skin tone to range from white to blue. Their eyes evolved to such a degree as to see in near or complete darkness. In the retina of the eye the pigment cells (rods and cones) adjust or regulate the entering light. The most notable feature of any nocturnal species is the size of their eyes. An owl’s eyes fill over one half its skull and some species have evolved tubular eyes as a means of increasing their size. On a dark night, flash a bright light at your dog or cat's eyes and you will see, as if by magic, their eyes glow in the dark. This is caused by a thick reflective membrane called the tapetum lucidum (meaning "bright carpet"), an adaptation for night vision. As light is reflected off the tapetum, the animal's eyes appear to glow in the dark.

Although there has been no study of the subterranean people, we can theorize their evolution based off scientific studies done on plants and animals. Pigmentation of some animals, such as the chameleon and flounder, changes to resemble different backgrounds thus allowing them to escape detection by their enemies. In the squid the chromatophores (containing melanin granules) are controlled by muscles and can expand from an almost invisible pinpoint to 60 times their original size, giving the whole animal a dark appearance.

The subterranean people were of the Dragon or Pendragon lineage, with their reigning head always known as “Draco”. These lines were afflicted with a gene disorder known as ‘Porphyria Variegata’. Modern diagnosis of people suffering from ‘Porphyria cutanea tarda’ finds their skin to be pathologically sensitive. Exposure to light can cause scarring, hair growth and disfiguration. People having Porphyria Variegata’, also known as the ‘vampire genone’ have been diagnosed as being deficient in ‘four enzymes’. Not being able to produce the enzymes in their own body, periodically these enzymes need to be replenished from another source – human blood. For thousands of years Anunnaki hybrid women, known as ‘Flow-ers’ or Temple Virgins’, provided those stricken with the deficiency, their menstrual fluid which was high in the four needed enzymes, plus serotonin and melatonin.

The Subterranean and Children of the bloodline may have become highly addicted to these natural drugs found in human blood and this may have been the reason behind the human sacrifice frenzy encouraged by Serpent Priests around the world. Melatonin, produced in the pineal gland and released into the blood, acts as an endocrine hormone. It’s a wonder drug of sorts, boosting the immune system and increasing longevity. It can reduce the damage caused by some types of Parkinson’s disease and plays a role in preventing cardia arrhythimia. Melatonin has been touted by some as an anti-aging agent following the results of an experiment done by an Italian researcher who reported that in a laboratory experiment, older mice appeared to grow younger and live longer after receiving melatonin. Some evidence suggests that melatonin may, in fact, lighten and enhance one's mood considerably. Melatonin is also associated with the production of some of the strongest hallucinogens known to man.

Another natural drug of choice for the children of the dragon line was Seratonin, which is also produced by the Pineal gland. Seratonin has similarities with smoked drugs such as DMT and is associated with the hallucinogenic aspects of dreaming, producing vivid and lifelike dreams and out of body experiences. It can make one feel extreme levels of love, enhances the sense that everything is connected and also enhances noise and color. Seratonin is essential to the body. The body cannot do without it. A low seratonin metabolism is connected with depression, crime, drug abuse, reckless behavior and suicides. And low levels seem to be connected with bad and poor behavior and leads to poor judgment. The brain craves DMT and serotonin. It stimulates the mind but an over stimulation can lead to a different set of problems. High levels can be associated with schizophrenia, psychosis, mania, mood disorders, social withdrawal, brain disease, autism, and Alzheimer’s disease as well as blood disorders.

Porphyrias have been detected in all races, multiple ethnic groups on every continent including Caucasians, Asians, Africans, Peruvian, Mexican Hispanics, Native Americans, Laplanders and Australian aborigines. There are also high incidence reports in areas of India and Scandinavia.

The Scandinavian source of porphyria has been traced to the Sami, an indigenous people of Finland who are noted for their shamanistic practices that include sacrifice and dream weaving. Their language, including the languages of Finland, Estonia, Hungary, Transylvania, and Romania have ties to languages in small groups of Russians - on both sides of the Urals and are branches of Uralic languages and Altaic languages.

The links between porphyrias and mental illness have been noted for decades. In the early 1950's patients with porphyrias (also known as Porphyric Hemophilia) showing severe symptoms of depression or catatonia were treated with electroshock.

The insanity exhibited by King George III, evidenced in the regency crisis of 1788, inspired several attempts at retrospective diagnosis. The first suggestion that a physical illness was the cause of King George's mental derangement came in 1966, in a paper "The Insanity of King George III: A Classic Case of Porphyria", with a follow-up in 1968, "Porphyria in the Royal Houses of Stuart, Hanover and Prussia". It has also been imagined that King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon suffered from some form of porphyria (Daniel 4). Several sources on this disorder are the January 6 1968 British Medical Journal (which had a 100 page article on vampirism), January 13 1968 British Medical Journal which had an additional 6 articles on Vampirism and European Black Nobility. Dr. Martin Rohl also wrote The Purple Secret and the website has some more interesting work on the subject.

The Bennu Bird or Bird of Return and The Phoenix symbolizes this gene disorder, describing the bird’s need to regenerate at regular intervals. The word “Vampire” also bears an appellation that is named after this process. In folklore the vampire is mistranslated as ‘one that returns from the grave’ instead of the true meaning - ‘one who returns to feed and regenerate.’

In the old tradition of the Dragon and Pen Dragons the ultimate holders of the ‘Malcu’ became known as the ‘Princes of Darkness’ and proclaimed by the Church as ‘Vampires’. As detailed in Bloodline of the Holy Grail, the brutal Catholic Inquisitions of the Middle Ages set against all the church declared heretics that supported the Messianic Blood Royal (the Sangréal) of the Dragon Kings over the corrupted dogma of the bishops. Many of the victims were classified as occultists and witches and charged with upholding the ancient and heretical cult of Draco, the Prince of Darkness.

The book ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker is a ‘book of codes’ and is based off the alchemy secrets from the early ‘Mystery Schools’. Bram Stoker was an officer in the ‘Emperior court of the Dragons’ and was prominent as an officer in the ‘Ordo Templi Orientas’ which is the Order of the Eastern Temple, the most sacred and scientific branch of any ‘Templar’ organization in the world. They were originally with the ‘Essene’ blood brotherhood of Qumran and their motto was ‘God is Man’.

As the story goes, back in the 15th century, a prominent Chancellor of the Court was Prince Vlad III of Transylvania-Wallachia, who built the citadel of Bucharest. Vlad was Count Dracula, meaning 'son of Dracul' - a name by which his father was known within the Court from 1431. Vlad was a prince of harsh disciplines but the establishment's real fear of Dracula was not his savage treatment of enemies (such things were commonplace during this era) but his in-depth knowledge of alchemy and the ancient Star Fire customs. Having attended the Austrian School of Solomon in Hermannstadt, he had an in-depth scientific understanding of the bodily effects of melatonin and serotonin. According to the Romanian annals, Vlad was a high melatonin producer adversely affected by sunlight. Consequently the Transylvanian myth was born with Bram Stoker portraying him as The Prince of Darkness who drank the blood of virgins.

Much of the early folklore was based upon the Grail and Dragon traditions. Fairies, for example, means ‘fair folk’ and is a derivative of ‘fee’ or ‘fey’ which relates to ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’. In the Celtic tradition, royal families were said to carry the ‘fairy blood’, meaning that they carried the fate or destiny of the Grail bloodline. The Grail Princesses were often called ‘elf-maidens’ and were the designated guardians of the earth, starlight and forest, as demonstrated in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings ‘elven’ race.

In the old language of southern Europe, a female elf was a ‘ylbi’, and from this word comes the town name of Albi, the Languedoc centre of the Gnostic Cathars (the Pure Ones) in the Middle Ages. When Pope Innocent III launched his brutal thirty-five-year military assault upon the Cathars from 1208, his campaign was called the 'Albigensian' Crusade because it was set against the supporters of the Albi-gens ('elven blood').

The Canaan Kings were the first Pen Dragons of history and carried the highest of the Anunnaki substance. Because the Star Fire increased their perceptions and awareness they were considered like gods themselves. Their stamina levels and immune systems were dramatically strengthened and their anti-aging properties were immense giving them and extraordinary life span…until the Decree of Jehovah.

During the time of Abraham, Jehovah issued the edict against the Star Fire "thou shalt not take of the life blood". From that point on, through the lines of Abraham we see the life span of the people diminish, going to a more normal life span of what we see today. But, according to the Mesopotamian and Egyptian history records, in the kingly succession from Cain, this did not happen.

By the time the line gets to King David, it has becomes special again. What happened? It would seem that the line of Abraham went somewhere else and then comes back in again …and it did …it moved into Egypt. Some have suggested that when Abraham took his wife Sarah to Egypt, she captured the love of Lord Enlil who impregnated her. If this is true, then the seed that sprang from this union would have indeed been special again, being that Enki was pure Anunnaki and the child of Sarah and Enki would have been hybrid.

According to contemporary historical records, during the time of Abraham, Sumer was sacked by an invasion. The Sumerian and Arcadian Records state that in 1960 B.C. Babylon was invaded by people coming in from Syria and Persia and the country fell. Abraham fled Ur and went North, eventually moving into Canaan. The Records state that Ur was destroyed, “ The country’s blood now fills its holes like a hot bronze in a mould, bodies dissolve like fat in the sun, the temple the dynasty is destroyed, smoke lies on our cities like a shroud. The Anunnaki have abandoned like migrating birds". The destruction of the Tower of Babel, the leaving of the Anunnaki and the collapse of the Sumerian Empire fall into the same timeline. According to Genesis, Jehovah (Enlil) had punished the people, who had said:‘Let us build a city and a tower so the top may reach the heavens and let us make a name for ourselves less we be scattered abroad’.

To understand what happened we must first realize that while transcribing the events the tower was misinterpreted as to what it really was. The Texts used the word ‘Shem’ in describing the tower. This word comes from the word ‘Shaman’ which is the root word of ‘Shema’ which means ‘points to the sky’. Shema comes from the word ‘Shemana’ which is an anagram for ‘Anashem’. The Sumerians used the word ‘Ana’ to describe something that was of a ‘bright shining metal’ and the word ‘Shem’ was used to describe something that ‘pointed to the sky’. This bright shining metal object that was built and pointed upwards was recorded as a ‘tower’.

According to Scripture, Jehovah says, "I shall come down and confound the language of all the earth" when in fact this is indeed what happened…however, we may have misinterpreted the original message. The ancient texts record ‘hordes’ of invaders coming into their land and sacking their country. After the destruction, the invaders came in from all sides, and the people of the country knew not their own language anymore. The confusion of language may have simply been the result of an influx of people speaking other languages, which would have naturally confounded the original language of the country, prior to the invasion.

After the Anunnaki left, a significant change took place in the Star Fire practice. Without the Anunnaki godddesses, the pure blood of the Star Fire was no more. Before leaving, however, the Anunnaki taught the priests of the secret order how to make Star Fire. The Star Fire Priests were given the titles ‘Master Craftsmen’ and ‘Cain’. The first of the Cains or Master Craftsmen was a sixth generation descent known biblically as ‘Tublecain’. Scripture describes him as an ‘art master of metals.’

A Master Craftsman lost in translation was Joseph, the father of Jesus Christ. The early Greek editions of the New Testament describe Joseph as a Master Craftsman, skilled in the arts of Star fire and metallurgy. When it was translated into English, the Master Craftsman who’s principal job was to manufacture the ‘gold of the gods’ was changed to ‘Carpenter’, a craftsman of wood.

In the Old Testament book of Exodus, Lord Jethro gave Moses the Anunnaki ‘Tablets or Stones of Destiny’, which held the ‘cosmic knowledge’. Moses was also taught how to build the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Convenant …then instructions were given to him on how to make ‘Shew Bread of the Covenant,’ a Star Fire substitute. Although we find very little mentioned concerning the Shew Bread, we do have a reference to it in ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, “Give us this day, our daily ‘bread”’. The Book of Leviticus also references the Shew Bread stating, “take the white flour and bake the cakes there of, put pure frankincense on each row". The word flour is later written in the book as ‘powder’.

Mystery School Records point to this white powder as being ‘gold’. This is significant being that in the Book of Exodus, we find Moses taking the Golden Calf that the Israelites had made, burning it in the fire, grinding it into a powder, casting it upon the water and giving it to the Children of Israel to drink. To make the white powder the Master Craftsman, Moses, needed to begin with gold.

The Star Fire was known as the ‘Gold of the Gods’ and this ‘Gold’ brought forth truth and wisdom. The recipients of the Star fire were said to move into the realms of heightened awareness or consciousness because of its inherent melatonin and serotonin elements. This realm the recipient moved is called the ‘Plane of Sharon’, the ‘Plane of the Orbit of Light’ and the Star Fire was the ‘root to the light’.

The Shew Bread was the food for the Egyptian Messiahs and can be found in the Dragon Court Records. Although we associate Messiahs to the Hebrew, the Egyptians also had their Messiahs called ‘Messasihs’ and because they were anointed with the ‘Mesa’ they were called ‘The Dragons’.

The mystery of the Star Fire starts at the end of Abraham and then is picked up again with David when he is in Egypt, where the Egyptians still carried on the practice of the Star Fire. Again we see the Star Fire connection with Moses and the ‘Mana from Heaven’ that fed the Children of Israel. According to Scripture, when the children of Israel saw it, they said to one another, "it is mana because they knew not what is was". Moses said this is the bread. The mana is then described to be white like snow and tasted sweet, like honey. (The ‘Antiquities of the Jews’ explains that the root ‘man’ from ‘mana’ means ‘what is it?’ and we also find the root ‘man’ or ‘mana’ in the word ‘Shemana’ which was used earlier describing the Tower of Babel and the events that took place.)

In France’s Chartres Cathedral a statue can be found of the great priest king, Melchizedek, offering bread/wine to Abraham. This statue is quite unique in the fact that all other statues of priests are offering the bread and wine as separate items, as is the usual communion custom. Melchizedek offers the two together in the chalice, which represents the wine as the bread and the bread as the wine. According to the Templar Records this act depicts the very moment when the ‘red’ wine representing the Star Fire (menstrual blood of the Anunnaki goddessess) was substituted with the ‘Shew Bread’ or ‘Mana’.

The Philosophers Stone is said to be that which transforms base elements into gold. This is deemed to be the case, in both a high metallurgical sense and the spiritual sense.

There are two different states of gold. One state exists in this dimension and is matter. Monatomic gold exists in a different dimension but gives the ‘perception’ of matter. The Master Craftsman takes the first state of gold and transforms it into monatomic gold or the Star Fire. Monatomic gold is the white powder gold that doesn’t look like metal anymore. It is the hidden ‘Mana’…hidden because it doesn't look like what it is. It's still gold and it's secret was known by the Master Craftsmen. We are like the hidden Mana.

In the ‘Rosarian Philosopher’ the hidden stone was described in terms of geometry. Make a round circle of the man and the woman, draw out of this a square, out of the square a triangle, make a round circle. You will have the stone of the philosophers, We'd all recognize this as the drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci.

One symbol used to represent the Star Fire is the cross in the circle. Another one found is that of two pyramids. One is an ordinary upright triangle and the other triangle is turned up the other way with one representing light or spirit and the other represents matter. When the two interlock they become the ‘Gem’ which represents the ‘Spirit of Matter’.

According to a video made by David Hudson the formula that monatomic gold is based on is (0 = + 1 + - 1). This is a sum that can only work as an equation…it simply doesn’t work when we it is applied to our ‘reality’, as we would see it as ‘nothing’. But our reality of nothing is only an illusion …being that ‘nothing’ is really ‘something merely ‘hidden’ from our spectrum of vision. When the negative (-1) is added to it’s positive (+1) the ‘Plane of Sharon’ or the ‘Plane of the Orbit of Light’ is created, which exists in another dimension. When it is in that other dimension, even a feather will tip the scales against it - such is the case with monatomic gold. We can not only make it weigh less than itself, we can actually make it physically disappear. That doesn’t mean it's gone, because it can be brought back. It simply means it has moved into the ‘Plane of Sharon’.

Not only are there Star Fire and Red Gold but White Gold, which we know today as Platinum. This metal was known to the ancient Sumerians and ‘re-discovered’ in 1803. It is most likely the very metal the Sumerian Texts referenced when they described the Highward Fire Stone, Fire Stone Ana, Shem An, Shem or the ‘Tower’ of Babel as shiny, white metal’ that pointed ‘upwards to the heavens’ or ‘highward’. The metal in the ‘highward’ state falls into a category that we call high spin metallurgy. Only by understanding the science of high spin metallurgy, can one apply the principal of (0 = +1 + -1). At this point one can branch right off and go for hours and hours about alchemy and turning metals into gold. The important thing to recognise here is that there were metals, used at the time, that they were manuevering the "Master Craftsmen", into a highward or high-spin state. A state at which the electrons react differently to what they do in the normal metallic state. And it's at that point, that we are, actually moving the metal into another direction, into a highward state, into a high spin state. Through sequences of heating and cooling, it has been proved now, that one can actually take these metals and cause them to rise and fall hundreds of times there optimum weight and weigh down to less than nothing…into the "Plane of Sharon".

There are chemical companies in the organic therapy industry that manufactures meletonin and serotonin supplements, but the secretions are taken from dead animals, which is quite inadequate compared to the live human. Upon the moment of death, the secretion ceases and dies almost immediately. The manufactured supplements made from gold and platinum metal are much better. They charge the glands causing them to produce more natural hormones. The Old Records tell us that the ‘Red Gold’ affects the pineal gland and the ‘White Gold’ affects the pituitary gland. By taking substances from both, you will be producing both Meletonin and Serotonin. Serotonin feeds the pineal gland, which in turn produces more Melotonin. So, by taking both of them, you ‘eat from the plant of life’ …and as Genesis states, “

Behold…he has become like one of us!” (Sir Laurence Gardner, NEXUS Conference –Sydney
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