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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

‘From Dark Side of the Light Chasers’ by Debbie Ford
“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light,” said Jung, “but by making the darkness conscious.”

Can you recall a time you were triggered by someone else’s behaviour?

Intense feelings such as jealousy, anger, and resentment towards another are indications that the shadow is present.

The shadow represents the aspects of ourselves
that we do not wish to look at or claim.

When we choose not to take ownership of our own ugliness, selfishness, greediness or laziness,
we project these qualities onto others in the form of judgment.

Many of us would rather run when in a conflict
with another because this is where the many faces
of the shadow show up.

It is much easier to play the blame and shame game
than it is to face our own shadow.

I have witnessed many conflicts happening around me recently,
and have been struggling with
how I can be of assistance in bringing peace to these conflicts.

I lay in bed one evening asking for guidance
from the Helping Spirits around the conflicts t
hat were presenting themselves.

This is the dream I had that night…

Shadow Dream:

I was walking down a dark road at night in a busy city.
There were other people with me.
I saw a white van down the road,
and a dark male abducting a woman,
dragging her into the back of the van
. No one else saw this but me,
even though they were with me.
My eyes met the abductor’s eyes,
and I reached for my cell phone to call 911.

I continue walking down the same busy street
and a gunshot is fired next to my face.

The man had come up behind me and fired the shot as a warning,
killing someone else.

He whispered into my ear

“I know you saw what I did and now I’m going to have to kill you”.

He then disappeared.

I did not experience a deep sense of fear and continue walking
down the same road.

The man abducts me, and my hands are tied.

I do not resist and surrender to the situation.

Before bringing me into the van, we sit on a bench along the sidewalk.

He begins to tell me his story, and how he is feeling empty and lost, as though something is missing. I look deep into his eyes and say

“Do you know what I do? I work to help heal people’s souls”.

Suddenly his dark shadowy face begins to melt exposing his innocence and vulnerability…and then I awoke!

What can we learn about the Shadow from a Shamanic perspective?

The Helping Spirits can help us face our shadow and own the aspects of ourselves that we fear while embracing the gifts that lie beyond.

Home Practice

* Journey to the dark side of the moon, to learn about the nature of the shadow and what gifts lie beyond it.

* Journey with your Helping Spirit back through the threads of time bringing healing to an aspect of yourself that desires attention.
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