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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

Always remember, that the moon is influenced
by Pisces, along with Pluto...
and every decision you make, is a choice
and every choose you make, creates a new set of consequences,
if you do NOT love your current set of consequences,
then, simply change your choices !!!

Karma is simply what you incur,
as a result of the choices

Many of you, are at points, where you are about to pick up
good karma for good karma, and, even philanthropic karma,
which is a lot to do, with what, Bill & Kerry, are doing on earth right now,
if you haven't given lately, and, you can, you should.

It is also, where someone might see what you are doing,
and, offer to help you, myself, i am getting a little of that,
people, like wayne/our great photographer here, helping me
with photographs, to go, on my website, so, that is exciting.

So, always think, of this
your consequences, could be something you truly love
there is great potential, waiting for you to ask to pick it up,
so, start a process of asking for that now.

When, the moon appears, new in the sky,
it is always all about new begginings/and, new starts,
and, there isn't a better time, to do that, than now...
also, it is, at a 60 degree angle to Pluto,
and, that makes for very positive things to start to occur,
The Planet of Pluto, is all about changes & transformations,
when it sits in Pisces.

Perhaps, it is a time, where your rubber, really will hit the road,
and, you can propel yourself into taking a much deeper look,
into all that truly does surround you,
so many things, are sitting there, in the ethers,
simply awaiting you, to ask, to invite them in,
ask, that those things, be in 100% alignment with your mission,task,
and, purpose, and, your real reason for being, and, ask, that anything,
that is NOT in that 100% alignment, for it to depart, and, for it to leave,
making you free, of anything that will hold you back,
and/or slow you down, ask that it be taken away,
and, ask, that it NEVER be allowed to return !!!

asking -- works !!!

it is time, for you,
to make your choice,
so, you can rise,
so, you can shine

all of our notes, are part of the song
when we all sing together,
it will be sum_thing,
something, awe_sum
sum_thing, awesome

+ xxx

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