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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

some more stuff about Mary ....
some interesting comments from her readers

Reader Response to Part One and Two of “The Red Haired Race and the Stone People”

For those that missed Part one or two please contact me and I will re-send

Reader: Frederic Anderson (One Feather)

So, you’re saying that because of “white superiority” the great constructions of the Maya, Toltec, Aztec, Inca, Hopi, Anasazi and Hopewell cultures had to be created by whites, not American Indians? As an enrolled member of the Potawatomi Nation who has spent a number of years collecting the legends and spiritual ritual of the People, I find it somewhat bizarre that you’re unable to give credit to the indigenous peoples of the Americas. My grandfather was the first member of my family to move away from our reservation but he instilled within me a deep respect and admiration for the First Nation and their unique culture. Perhaps you should spend some time at Cahokia where the very essence of the People can be absorbed and intuitively realized… you might be surprised at what you discover there.

Or even in the woods and meadows of S E Wisconsin and N E Illinois...

Mary Sutherland

To express ‘superiority over any race’ is not my intent. This article is merely an attempt to shed light on the true history of North America and its entire people. The history of North America was created from fallacy, leaving its people with no roots to grow from and blind to the greatest cover up in the history of mankind. The Native American Indian is but one fraction of the all that became victim to an ‘elitist’ society whose intent was –and is – to keep mankind in servitude to them and the gods they follow. Continuing with this article, I will share with you and others information that I have compiled on the history of the Stone People, Mound builders , Native American Indian and how government changed history to fit the political agendas of those days.

Reader: Mark E.’re saying that the whites are superior to all others? Where do people come up with the nonsense? My goodness, just read, learn, interact and maybe even discuss things…but to bring up things in an argumentative race based confrontation, well, it just shows you why we still have wars and rumors of wars.........

Sure enjoy reading all your lines. Hope to see you soon. Mark

Mary Sutherland Responds:

Well hopefully I will be able to finish this article without causing a War of the Worlds.. I believe that in June we are putting an expedition together with Frank Joseph…so I hope to see you here for it! Haunted Woods and the Underwater Pyramids of Rock Lake!

Reader: Zola

Mitakuye Oyasin (We are all related) B

Winchell tells us that Adam is derived from the red earth. The radical letters ĀDāM are found in ADaMaH, "something out of which vegetation was made to germinate," to wit, the earth. ĀDōM and ĀDOM signifies red, ruddy, bay-colored, as of a horse, the color of a red heifer. "ĀDāM, a man, a human being, male or female, red, ruddy." ("Preadamites," p.161.)

There is evidence that, from the highest antiquity, red was a sacred color; the gods of the ancients were always painted red. The Wisdom of Solomon refers to this custom: "The carpenter carved it elegantly, and formed it by the skill of his understanding, and fashioned it to the shape of a man, or made it like some vile beast, laying it over with vermilion, and with paint, coloring it red, and covering every spot therein."

The idols of the Indians were also painted red, and red was the religious color. (Lynd's MS. "Hist. of Dakotas," Library, Hist. Society, Minn.)

The Cu****es and Ethiopians, early branches of the Atlantean stock, took their name from their "sunburnt" complexion; they were red men.

The name of the Phœnicians signified red. Himyar, the prefix of the Himyaritic Arabians, also means red, and the Arabs were painted red on the Egyptian monuments.

The ancient Egyptians recognized four races of men--the red, yellow, black and white men. They themselves belonged to the "Rot," or red men; the yellow men they called "Namu"--it included the Asiatic races; the black men were called "Nahsu," and the white men "Tamhu." The following figures are copied from Nott and Gliddon's "Types of Mankind," p. 85, and were taken by them from the great works of Belzoni, Champollion, and Lepsius.


In the same way we find that the ancient Aryan writings divided mankind into four races--the white, red, yellow, and black: the four castes of India were founded upon these distinctions in color; in fact, the word for color in Sanscrit (varna) means caste. The red men, according to the Mahābhārata, were the Kshatriyas--the warrior caste-who were afterward engaged in a fierce contest with the whites--the Brahmans--and were nearly exterminated, although some of them survived, and from their stock Buddha was born. Not only the Mohammedan and Christian but the Buddhistic religion seem to be derived from branches of the Hamitic or red stock. The great Manu was also of the red race.

The Egyptians, while they painted themselves red-brown, represented the nations of Palestine as yellow-brown, and the Libyans yellow-white. The present inhabitants of Egypt range from a yellow color in the north parts to a deep bronze. Tylor is of opinion ("Anthropology," p. 95) that the ancient Egyptians belonged to a brown race, which embraced the Nubian tribes and, to some extent, the Berbers of Algiers and Tunis. He groups the Assyrians, Phœnicians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Andalusians, Bretons, dark Welshmen, and people of the Caucasus into one body, and designates them as "dark whites." The Himyarite Arabs, as I have shown, derived their name originally from their red color, and they were constantly depicted on the Egyptian monuments as red or light brown. Herodotus tells us that there was a nation of Libyans, called the Maxyans, who claimed descent from the people of Troy (the walls of Troy, we shall see, were built by Poseidon; that is to say, Troy was an Atlantean colony). These Maxyans painted their whole bodies red. The Zavecians, the ancestors of the Zuavas of Algiers (the tribe that gave their name to the French Zouaves), also painted themselves red. Some of the Ethiopians were "copper-colored." ("'Amer. Cyclop.," art. Egypt, p. 464.) Tylor says ("Anthropology," p. 160): "The language of the ancient Egyptians, though it cannot be classed in the Semitic family with Hebrew, has important points of correspondence, whether due to the long intercourse between the two races in Egypt or to some deeper ancestral connection; and such analogies also appear in the Berber languages of North Africa." These last were called by the ancients the Atlanteans.

When science is able to disabuse itself of the Mortonian theory that the aborigines of America are all red men, and all belong to one race, we may hope that the confluence upon the continent of widely different races from different countries may come to be recognized and intelligently studied. There can be no doubt that red, white, black, and yellow men have united to form the original population of America. The red-haired people are a distinct variety of the white stock; there were once whole tribes and nations with this color of hair; their blood is now intermingled with all the races of men, from Palestine to Iceland. Everything in Europe speaks of vast periods of time and long. continued and constant interfusion of bloods, until there is not a fair-skinned man on the Continent that has not the blood of the dark-haired race in his veins; nor scarcely a dark-skinned man that is not lighter in hue from intermixture with the white stock.

Mary Responds:

Thank you Zola. Sorry I had to edit the email somewhat, but I will try to get the rest of the info into this article before it is finished.
Thank you for sharing this information with us. Will you be going on the expedition in June with us? Rock Lake and the Haunted Woods?? Will also see you this summer for an expedition of the sacrificial mounds of the Kickapoo Valley.

Zola also sent this link as recommended reading

Reader: Frederic Anderson

The Las Lunas Stone: Found near Albuquerque New Mexico a stone which has carved on it, the Decalogue. Some have touted this as proof that ancient Hebrews visited and were settled in the Americas. But, there are several problems with this.

While the stone seems to use the old Hebrew / Canaanite / Phoenician script, there are very distinct Greek characters as well. Looking at the actual stone it is difficult not to notice the deltas and tau's on the inscription. Remember that since the late first and second century, Hebrew was written using the calligraphic block script that you would see in any Torah you would see today. The meticulous scrutiny by rabbis over the scribing of copies of holy script is unbelievable, and any actual Jewish writings would reflect this ethic.

I think that it is likely that someone copied this from a copy of an old Hebrew/Greek copy of the Decalogue. While they thought they were transcribing ancient Hebrew, they didn't realize that this type of script has more Greek elements and style to it than ancient Hebrew.

The articles suggests that it might be of Samaritan origin, because of the Greek characters, I personally think that this is possible, but highly unlikely.

Also note that it is written out of sequence. The first commandment which starts on line one continues on line 3. Line 2 looks like it was inserted, as the carver realized his mistake. This indicates transcription or copying!

Remember, it was a popular belief of the 16, 17, and early 1800 that the American Indians were of Semitic origin, and might have been some part the lost tribes of Israel. It is within the context of this environment that Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon, and there is a good possibility that it is they who were responsible for this stone. (Currently, a genetic tracing study based on DNA clearly connects Native Americans with Mongolian/Asian peoples and suggests that a variety of American Indian peoples are less than four generations apart from people in central Asia. No evidence can be found to support the idea that Native Americans are directly related to Jews through actual DNA testing.)

According to the Bible, the Hebrews had very little or no seamanship. Only during Solomon is this mentioned, and even then, as the story goes, it is through the expertise of Hiram of Tyre, a Phoenician, that their seamanship comes. After Solomon dies, there is little more mention of it.

Conclusion: Fake, put there by the Mormons in an attempt to prove the Book of Mormon. However, the forger was copying from a copy of an early Byzantine manuscript. This explains the Greek chars, the misplaced lines, and the Greek-ish styling.

As for the rest of the article I don’t have time to debunk the assumptions made one by one. I still believe my ancestors, the Hopewell, evolved a high culture, disbanded due to environmental changes and evolved to become identified as the Algonquin (Woodland) peoples. Parallel evolution and similarities in tribal attachment to animal totems and clan identity is simply logic… if a Hopi observes a snake shedding its skin he’ll create a myth around snakes symbolizing renewal and growth, just as someone in central Asia or Africa would do.

As for the LDS, if Smith’s proclamation about the Indian being the “lost tribe” were taken seriously, one would think the Indians of Utah would have been welcomed into the fold and embraced by the pilgrims on their arrival at the shores of the Great Salt Lake… the fact is the Mormons treated the indigenous peoples of the region abysmally.

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!!!!

Response from Mary

Although you are referring to artifacts found as Fake I do not see any substantial evidence on your part to back your allegations. I am not arguing your point; rather I am just asking you to back your conclusions with something we can “use” to further our research with. If something in history is wrong, then it must be righted. But to simply “say” it is wrong, based on your own personal observation is quite a stretch. I hope that others reading the article may enlighten us as to the validity behind your conclusions.

Reader: Mander

Most interesting research. The Oasphe (Bible) Book written in 1880 had this information. Ray Palmer reproduced copies of the book in The Amhearst Press,(Wisconsin) in the 1950's through the 1970's.

Response from Mary

Thanks for the helpful information and Lead. I hope that everyone follows up on it. I will check it out.

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