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- Red Haired Race and the Tuatha De Dannan
by Clifford Riley

Firstly Tuatha De Dannan’s modern translation is “People of the Goddess Danu", but which under the Old Irish spelling of Tuath de Danaan translates as "Tribes of the God whose Mother is Anu". The “D” is a 10th Century prosthetic addition because Christian scribes believed Anu was related to the continental Goddess Danu. But who are often referred to as the Tuatha De and referred to as the "Children of Don" within Britain. Reflecting in the fact that Tuatha (meaning “Tribes”) is the plural of Tuath (meaning “tribe”).

Secondly They never came from Atlantis and I’ll explain thus:

Due to the cultural genocide by the invading Romans nothing survives of Britain's pre-Roman culture and traditions. The real history, myths and traditions relating to Stonehenge and other structures were lost. However, the megalithic culture began in Ireland and although it has been invaded numerous times, each invader added to the culture rather destroying the previous. Unlike their continental cousins the Irish Celts did write things down, which were nicely preserved by Christian scribes. As a consequence Ireland's culture, traditions, mythology and cosmology survived more or less intact. Thus, not only is it known why they were built; but who built them (which tribes); but what happened to those tribes, the tribes, clans and septs which they became. Right down to their present day survivors. Thus using these sources, along with archaeology, comparative histories, etc., I'll explain how the knowledge was passed on. Around 3,000 New Grange in Ireland was built, starting the megalithic culture. Its purpose according to Celtic cosmology was an act of symbolic magic in which the light of the sky father would penetrate the womb of mother Earth to make the land fertile. *This was constructed before a tribe called the Nemedians migrated from Ireland and into Europe, taking with them the knowledge of how to build the megalithic structures (such as Stonehenge built around 2,000 BC). Who passed it onto others, who used and modified the techniques and designs…Passing the knowledge onto others. One branch of this tribe settled in what is now Britain and became the ancestors of the ancient Britons. The rest continued on, spreading throughout Europe until finally reaching Thrace, in what is now Greece. Historically, ancient Greece and its predecessor traded with and *learnt from Egypt, which is how the knowledge was passed on from those how built the megaliths to those who built the pyramids…who only used those relevant parts. The Nemedians gave birth to numerous offshoots tribes. One of which were the Formorians, a member of which was a man named Bolg. He was the founder of a tribe (the Fir Bolg or "men of Bolg") which intermarried with Egyptians and migrated northward and eventually returned back to Ireland shortly after the ancestors of the Greeks had invaded the area.

This is supported not just by Irish mythology, comparative history, but by the fact that the Formorians are recorded as being of North African descent, whilst Irish druidry which is created to the Formorians contains clearly Egyptian influences. Another tribe descended from the Nemedian’s was the Danaan. Around 2500 BC they migrated northward through Bulgaria, to settle in that part of Romania known as Transylvania, which historically had by 2,000 BC become the nest from which the Celts came. Remainders of this same tribe stayed in Thrace and became the Danaan's mentioned within Homer's Iliad and in accounts by the Egyptians. In Transylvania they multiplied, going from a tribe called the Danaan, to be known collectively as the Tuatha De Danaan (Tuatha De Dannan in Middle and Modern Irish) which in Modern Irish means "People of the Goddess Danu", but which in Old Irish translates as "Tribes of the God whose Mother is Anu". But who are often referred to as the Tuatha De and referred to as

the "Children of Don" within Britain. Although Danu is seen as a Celtic Goddess she was originally the mother goddess of all Indo-Europeans races.

One member of the Tuatha De had a son called Gaedhal Glas “Gael the Green”, founder of the Gael Celts, who descendants used green as their emblem which is why to this day Irish Gaels are still associated with the colour green. A number of his descendents migrated eastward into Scythia to become the Celto-Scythians, the ancestors of the Milesian Gaels, who to separate themselves from other Gael tribes but to still reflect their decent from Gaedhal Glas adopted the snake as their emblem Others tribes descended from him went westward arriving in Ireland as the Tuatha De Danaan around 1014 BC. This is why the Gaels first arrived in Ireland during the Urnfield period, but who didn't become noticeable until the Halstat, while the Milesian Gaels didn't arrive until the 4th Century BC. The migration of the Milesian Gaels occurred during the 4th Century BC. The accounts given within the Irish annals, are supported by archeology, comparative, histories, etc. The arrival of the Tuatha De is recorded with Cath Maige Tuired "The Battle Of Moytura", in which it states:

"The Tuatha De came with a great fleet to Ireland to take it by force from the Fir Bolg. Upon

reaching Cocu Belgatan, they at once burnt their boats so that they would not think of fleeing to

them. The smoke and the mist which came from the ships filled the land and the air which near

them. For that reason it has been thought they arrived in clouds of mist."

Using shortened versions of this account which ignore references to ships, those who believe in ancient astronauts use them as evidence that the Tuatha De were aliens (but the only references to little green men you'll find within Irish culture are to Leprechauns). *Because both groups had a shared origin, with the Gaels forming an offshoot tribe and the Tuatha De retained their tribal name, they were able to fight and defeat those whose who carried the same tribal name as their ancestors. But they weren't aliens; they weren’t from Atlantis’ nor are they a Lost Israelite tribe. They are the physical ancestors of the Irish, who through various tribes claim descent from one of the tribes which collectively formed the Tuatha De Danaan. To put simply the Irish are descended from differing tribes, which are descended through various offshoot tribes to a single tribe which claimed the God Brian (better known in Britain as Bran the Blessed), who was the eldest son of the Goddess Danu as their tribal ancestor (hence "Tribes of the God whose Mother is Danu"). In the 10th Century Christians scribes trying sort out Irish mythological relationships decided that more Christian activities were more important, so they simply classed the Tuatha De Danaan as the ancient gods of the Irish, even though the Irish openly stated they were all human. Since the incoming Celtic culture was more land based, it replaced the more sky based religions still being practiced, which is why the megalithic culture ends around 1000 BC with their arrival, but continued to be used. Around 600 BC the Greeks encounter these tribes. Finding their name difficult to pronounce and give them the nickname of "Celt", derived from Keilt or kilt, the type of skirt they wore. No Celtic tribe ever called themselves as “Celt”, it’s a nickname given them by the Greeks. Because the Celts called and are The Tuatha De Dannan.

When Christian missionaries arrived in Ireland they went through the entire Irish culture, myths, etc. to provide evidence to support Biblical claims. They couldn’t so they created a series of pseudo myths in which the ancestors of the Irish were placed in contact with Biblical figures. According to one pseudo myth Niúl (of the Tuatha De Dannan), youngest son of Fénius Farsaid, was a wise teacher who at the invite of Pharaoh taught in Egypt. In gratitude Pharaoh gave Niúl land at Campus Circit (also known as Capacyront) beside the Red Sea. *One day Niúl encountered a large group of people near his land and after having talked with them was informed by their high priest, Aaron, that they were Jews and had through the help of his brother Moses escaped bondage in Egypt. Niúl soon formed a friendship with Aaron and asked him whether the Israelites had any provisions, to which Aaron replied that they had very little as they had just left Egypt with only the minimum of provisions. Niúl then told Aaron that he could ask for whatsoever Niúl had and that he shall have wheat and wine for his pleasure. Consequently the Israelites were resupplied and Aaron informed his brother Moses of the gifts kindly provided by Niúl. During the night a snake crawled over the body of Niúl and Scota’s son Gaedheal and bit him (leaving a green mark, earning Gaedheal the suffix of `Glas’) making the child extremely sick. Niúl took his son to Moses who after praying touched the child with the same rod used to part the Reed Sea, healing the child. After doing so Moses had a vision and then informed Niúl that God was pleased with them and that no snake nor any other venomous worm would ever annoy or hurt the child or any of his descendants, nor any beast should never live in the country where the descendants of Gaedheal Glas would live (the vision called this the “Ilse of Destiny”).

Gaedheal Glas became the progenitor of the tribe the Gaels who formed one of the many tribes of the tribes of the God whose mother is Anu. Following this pseudo encounter with the Israelites Niúl, his wife Scota, his descendants remained in Egypt until the time of Sruth (also known as Sru), son of Asruth, son of Gaedheal Glas, when the Egyptians began to persecute them which forced them to return in four ships to Scythia (some claim Crete, but it is was more likely to have been Thrace in Greece). Put simply the Tuath De Dannan/Celts were established as a tribal

collective and within Europe many centuries before the existence of the Tribe of Dan and the Israelite Exodus of between 1500 and 1200 BC. Although Tuatha De does translate as “Tribes of God” which was used to describe the Israelite’s this is down to the nature language. The Tuatha De Dannan did not join, nor are they descended from the Israelite tribe Dan. They are not a lost Israelite tribe.

Whilst the alleged encounter between the Celts and the Israelites would during the Christian period create the belief that the Irish are a lost tribe of Israel, which with the assistance of later fictitious evidence supported by an immense ignorance of Biblical history developed into the belief that the British are a lost tribe of Israel (called “British Israelites” who within this context restrict their meaning of “British” to mean “English”) even though the Welsh have no historical or mythological connection with the Middle East let alone with the Israelites (other than a connection through the Irish), while the mythology and history of the Anglo-Saxons prior to their arrival in Britain have been lost.

The idea of the Tuatha De Dannan as being connected with the Tribe of Dan is a fiction created to serve the purposes of right wing Christian fundamentalists. Equally, those who claim the Tuatha De Dannan were aliens also ignorance this evidence because it requires real research, but it destroys their claims and helps proves that the megalithic structures and the pyramids were of human construction and not alien. I've spent years studying Irish mythology, Celtic Cosmology. I've read Old, Middle and Late Irish texts, etc., had access to texts from private and educational achieves. Including those held by Trinity College Dublin, The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Royal Irish Academy and the Irish Texts Society. As well as gaining an understanding of Classical literature, ancient history and Egyptology.

I am descended from Irish Royality, whose culture; pedigrees, etc. are all preserved. I am descended from one of the various Irish tribes descended from the Tuatha De Dannan. I am sick to the back teeth of having people distort and/or deform my cultural heritage to support their tripe theories. Do some real research. My ancestors aren't an Israelite tribe, they weren't aliens or from Atlantis. As far as I'm concerned to do so is racist.

************************************************** **


While we are so busy arguing on what race or religious tradition is most important we miss out on what has been coming down upon us since the ‘BEGINNING OF TIME’…and the people in “the Know” sit back laughing at us as we argue over petty things. But of course it keeps our attention away from the greatest secret of all…THE END OF TIME!

Here are a few pieces of the puzzle I have put together.

1. The idea of the once existence of Atlantis is squelched by our world leaders

2. The origin of the homeland of Atlantis (North America) was hidden from the masses.

3. The origin of ‘mankind’ was hidden from the masses

4. The truth behind our creators was hidden from the masses

5. The technology of the Ancients has been denied to us

6. The true rulers of mankind have been hidden from us

7. The reason behind the building of the pyramids and monuments was falsified

8. All information on the purpose of the sacred sites, the veil and the underworld has been denied to us

9. The Count down time for 2012 has been denied to us

Further pieces of the puzzle:

1. A group of “gods” came to Earth from a place of unknown origin for the purpose of mining Earth’s resources.

2. Atlantis was home to the gods, with outposts established around the world.

3. The “gods” genetically altered the species of man living on earth to be a slave race and created another hybrid race of “shepherd kings” to act as shepherds over their flock of human slaves. These hybrids are the rulers of our world today.

4. During the last cataclysms their technology was destroyed or lost.

5. These “gods” are immortal (either because of their genetic makeup or through some biological technology we are not aware of…but I am pretty sure that the use of “ gold” and “human blood” are part of the equation.)

6. Its probable that some of these gods left earth before the cataclysm but other gods were left behind, to physically walk among men disguised as men (It is most likely that they disguise themselves through the manipulation of vibration or perhaps by some sort of mass induced hypnosis)

7. They live in the shadows and use their hybrid offspring to manipulate the masses

8. The hybrid offspring have been finding all the lost technology and reverse engineering it for the “gods” (This is being done through the guise of archeology and science and financed by the unknowing public. )

9. The Calendar of Stone, Mayan Calendar and other calendars of antiquity were built by slave labor, overseered by the hybrids for the “Gods”. The Information for 2012 was and is not meant for the masses but only for the “gods” of which they have most likely promised to share with their hybrids…when the time comes.

10. Precisely at 11:11 a.m. Dec 21st 2012 these gods will make their move. “Hopefully” it will be their time, when the wormhole opens, that they will be able to escape earth through their stargates and man will be left alone to evolve as they were meant to.

11. Until their plans have come to completion, these gods through their hybrids, will keep mankind distracted using religion, politics and the economy as their distracters. (United we stand…divided we fall)

Excerpt from Mary’s Upcoming Book “The Time Keepers” Copyrighted 2009 Mary Sutherland

The people in the know are well aware of Enoch and the “Calendar in Stone -the Great Pyramid”...and the ending of the present Age. Dr. John Dee (007) was one of those men that not only knew of Enochians but that they originally resided in North America.

North America had been known to Europe since the Viking period, whose maps fell into the hands of the Sinclairs of the Orkneys and from there may have gone via the Templars to the Knights of Christ in Portugal. These first records of America on the Elizabethan maps refer to it as ‘Atlantis’.

John Dee was the first to voice plans for the colonialization of North America, envisioning an ‘Occult British Empire’ that would rule the world from there. He tried to convince the ‘Virgin Queen’ Elizabeth I to lay claim to the land based on its discovery by her ancestor ‘King Arthur’! The colony was to be named ‘Virginia’ after her.

To Dr. John Dee’s credit, he was a scientist, mathematician, and one of the most brilliant men of his age. He was in many ways the father of the British Empire, being that he was the one who was responsible for establishing the legal claims of colonial territories for Queen Elizabeth. He also applied Euclidian geometry to naval navigation, writing several books on the subject and drawing up charts for navigational use as well as designing instruments for the ships at sea to apply the principals he had developed. He eventually amassed a vast library of over 4,000 books on subjects ranging from ancient religions to modern science. Dee used his talents as an astrologer to select the date of the Queen's coronation and was a close friend of Francis Walsingham, head of Elizabeth's secret police. Walsingham used Dee frequently on overseas missions, where he acted as an agent for England. In this capacity, he always signed his correspondence with the Queen with the mark ‘007’ and was used loosely as the model for Ian Fleming's character, James Bond. Dee was also well acquainted with William Shakespeare, who apparently based his characters ‘King Lear’ and ‘Prospero (of ‘The Tempest’) on Dee's complexed life. That last portrayal, of a man influenced and ultimately controlled by his fascination with magic, is perhaps most crucial; for while Dee was a God-fearing man and one of the most accomplished scientists of his day and it was his forays into his magical pursuits that ultimately defined him.

One of Dee’s biographers described him as ‘Elizabethan England’s great magus’. This particular depiction of Dee is important because of the crucial role of the ‘Magi’ (from which the term ‘Magus’ comes from) in the historical events we have described – namely the birth and death …and rebirth of Christ, around which our Western Calendar for the last 2000 years revolved. According to Adrian Gilbert, author of ‘Signs in the Sky’ the Magi were a secret priesthood educated in the Egyptian ‘Orion Mysteries’, who were said to have found their way to the birthplace of Jesus Christ. They are the ‘Three Kings of the Orient’ (Orion) spoken of in the Gospel of Matthew and Gilbert argues that they specifically saw Jesus as a ‘Horus King’ figure.

Dee had an immense effect on later occultists, most notably Aliester Crowley. Both Crowley and Dee had a very influential effect also on the founders of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory!

Dee was heavily involved in a secret society known as the ‘School of Night’, an Elizabethan esoteric school founded by Sir Walter Raleigh, a follower of John Dee. Some of the other more notable members were the Earl of Northumberland and Lord Fernando Strange (Earl of Derby). Derby (both alchemists), Sir George Carey, William Warner and Robert Hues (with Harriot known as the 3 Magi) and the poets Marlowe, Chapman and Roydon. Henry Percy, the 9th Earl of Northumberland was a driving force and financial backer within the group. They usually met at Strange's estate and were viewed with suspicion by the religious leaders of the day because of their easy access to Queen Elizabeth.

Although we don’t know what went on during their meetings nor do we know what they discussed, Sir Frances Bacon gives us a pretty good clue based off a novel he wrote in 1626 he titled ‘The New Atlantis’. ‘The New Atlantis’ reads like a virtual roadmap of what they had discerned from their studies concerning the ancient mystery schools of Egypt. The thrust of the story is of a shipwrecked crew landing on ‘a mysterious shore’ in the New World, where they are greeted and ministered to by ‘a kind, wise old man’ and his servants. The old man is found to be an ambassador of what is revealed as a substantial secret society in the New World. During the course of their stay, many secrets are revealed to them. There are barely veiled references to the ‘Society of Solomon's House’ (an obvious allusion to the Masons -- who in their own lore are the ancient designers of Solomon's Temple), and a flat Egyptian-type (Horus) statement that this society is ‘the very eye of this kingdom.’ The novel also contains references to ‘the coming Apocalypse,’ and states that America is the “Land of Atlantis. It goes on to tell the tale of a vast and technologically advanced civilization overtaken by a catastrophic ancient inundation. That this is simply a thinly veiled master plan for what was to become the ‘United States of America’ could not be clearer.

When Dee decoded the Anni-Domini calendar, it confirmed to the ‘School of Night’ what they had suspected - North America was the “ special” place of antiquity that legends spoke of. Immediately after Dee's calendar work was published, he and Raleigh began to do what was necessary for England (and by extension - their secret society) to establish a foothold in America. By April 1585, after nearly three years of preparation, John White and Thomas Harriot, launched the first serious English expedition to colonize America. Harriot was a student of Dee’s, a close friend of Raleigh…and a member of ‘The School of Night’. Harriot was also very aware of the significance of the 77degree longitude and the 33-year calendar cycle. It was discovered in Harriot’s notes a number of references to the AD Calendar System.

The Galactic Secret

The Pillars of Enoch held the secret of the Coming New Age and its location. Not only did it give the exact location of the New Atlantis…but when time ends for this cycle.

The people in the know are very aware of this and have deliberately kept this information from the masses. In itself, the UFO issue is not the great secret - what is the concern of this society is what the phenomenon may reveal to the masses.

Cyclic Count Down and the Coming “New” Atlantis in North America -

33 year Calendar - 77 Degree Longitude

To see that the new 33 year cycle ‘prime meridian’ was the was the prime directive for the first settlement in North America, you simply need to look at where they first landed. From their landing spot at Roanoke Island, Virginia, Harriot and White were in a perfect position to survey the land and the stars. Although they didn’t know it was exactly 77 degrees West when they arrived there, they did know they were close and, according to Cassidy, the proper longitude was marked out on the map that White brought back.

Things did not go well for the first colony, nor did it go well for the second in 1587. And by 1588, England had her hands full with the invasion of the Spanish Armada. During this time, Dee became famously credited with casting a ‘hex’ on the Armada by conjuring the bad weather which contributed more to the Armada's defeat than anything the English navy did.

As England lost interest temporarily in the New Atlantis, Dee and the ‘School of Night’ set about creating a new movement, which they intended to be the guiding star of their New World. This new movement was ‘The Rosicrucians’ or ‘Order of the Rose Cross.’ Their roots can be traced back to John Dee and a meeting in Luneburg, Germany in 1586. The order openly grounded itself in the ancient Egyptian mysteries of Isis and Osiris (Sirius and Orion) and exerted a great influence throughout Europe's ruling elite from the early 1600's on.

The ‘School of Night’ plans were foiled with the death of Elizabeth in 1603. The throne was taken over by King James I, of Scotland (the first overtly Scottish Rite Masonic Royal) who quickly imprisoned Dee, Raleigh and Bacon. The Masons obviously saw Dee and the ‘School of Night’ as rivals in the quest to dominate the New Atlantis. King James and the Masons must have equally understood the unique significance of the 33-year calendar cycle, because they promptly launched the Jamestown colony, which was located dead on the 77degree W. longitude!

Shortly after Dee and Kelly’s presentation of their calendar treatise to Elizabeth, they traveled to Eastern Europe, where they circulated among the royal houses and carried favor with various emperors and kings. It seemed that they were attempting to spread the knowledge of something among these high houses.

Kelly laid claim to success with alchemy and was knighted by the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph, ostensibly for his ‘alchemical’ contributions to the Court. Dee left England in late 1583 and traveled through Poland and Bohemia at the invitation of Polish Count Lasky. Lasky had mysteriously appeared in England inquiring about Dee and Kelly's channeling and other occult activities.

Shortly after Dee had returned to England in 1589, a young law student named Johann Bayer (1572-1625) made a contribution to astronomy that almost certainly sprang from this ‘secret knowledge’ that Dee had apparently been spreading in Europe. Bayer was a Bavarian astronomer, who first named stars by assigning them to constellations and giving then Greek letters (alpha, beta, gamma, delta, etc.), in order of decreasing brightness. His seminal work, the ‘Uranometria’ (published in 1603), not only set this new standard for stellar designation but also created several entirely new constellations - one of which will ultimately have a major role in unraveling the mystery we have before us.

Bayer literally ‘carve out’ a new constellation from the stars of Canis Major. Canis Major contains ‘Sirius’ who is the ‘key celestial player’ in this Millennium madness. Bayer's new constellation is also located precisely on the meridian with Orion as a ‘marker’ for some future event. He named this new constellation ‘Columba’, code name for Enoch or ‘dove’ which is representative of the dove sent out by Noah after the Deluge to search for dry land.

How this new constellation is connected to the New Atlantis Dee and Bacon had been seeking, can be found in the constellation’s history and mythology. According to Allen’s ‘Star Names – Their Lore and Meaning’:

"Columba was made up from the southwestern outliners of Canis Major, near to the Ship Argo (Noah's Ark) and so Columba was regarded as the attendant Dove."

And in Genesis 8:6-12:

At the end of forty days, after the flood, Noah opened the window of the ark that he had made and sent out the raven to see if it could find dry land; and it went to and fro until the waters were dried up from the earth. Then he sent out the dove to see if the waters had subsided from the face of the ground; but the dove found no place to set its foot, and it returned to him to the ark, for the waters were still on the face of the whole earth. So he put out his hand and took it and brought it into the ark with him. He waited another seven days and again he sent out the dove from the ark; and the dove came back to him in the evening, and there in its beak was a freshly plucked olive leaf; so Noah knew that the waters had subsided from the earth. Then he waited another seven days, and sent out the dove; and it did not return to him any more.

According to both Peter Tompkins and Robert Temple, ‘Doves’ is also a priestly code for earth measurement. The authors of Genesis chose the dove for this key role because of the geodetic role of doves in ‘primitive’ geographical surveying. ‘Doves’ in the Noah story indicate a need to determine exact latitude/longitude…again…after a major, watery catastrophe.

Robert Temple, author of the "Sirius Mystery", has exhaustively explained the deeper connection between the Argo (the Ark) and Sirius. Most interesting is his discussion of the hidden relationship between the true nature of the companion to Sirius, Sirius B -- the amazing white dwarf -- and a little known visible star in the same constellation of Canis Major, called by the Arabs, ‘Al Wazn’. (Weight)

Temple goes on to equate this nomenclature, applied to a visible member of Canis Major, with the ancient, degenerate, ‘hidden knowledge’ regarding the actual existence of Sirius B, the super dense white dwarf that orbits in the Sirius System, invisible to the physical eye. What Temple did not report was that when Bayer borrowed some of the Canis Major's stars to compose the new constellation Columba in 1603, one key star of the new constellation was his same ‘Al Wazn’. The same star that Temple, just under 400 years later, identifies with a ‘secret’ degenerated knowledge of the Sirian system itself ...

As you see, there is an undeniable connection (through this star, Al Wazn) between the Sirian Complex of the Dogon myth and mythos of Canis Major ... and the constellation of Columba, ‘the Dove.’

The other strong connection to Temple's Sirius Mythos comes with Columba's association with "Argo" -- the Southern Constellation loosely representing ‘Noah’s Ark’ and its classic use as an escape from a great planetary flood/disaster.

Temple refers to the other variants of this same Hebrew story then circulating in the Middle East, including The Egyptian story that stated it was the ark that bore Isis and Osiris over the Deluge. Now..if you refer to the major MIT science historian, the late Livo Stechini (in an appendix to Tompkins: "Secrets of the Great Pyramid"), you find that Stechini makes an excellent case that the ‘doves’ of the Noah story are actually a classic Egyptian reference to ‘a standard Egyptian glyph - for the stretching of meridians and parallels!’

It should be clear to all that have “eyes to see and ears to hear” that the ‘secret’ creation of a visible new constellation called ‘the Dove’ (Columba) in 1603, out of some Canis Major stars, linked with Argo and the entire ‘Sirian’ Complex, was not accidental. It was, instead, secretly emblematic of that precise time of the transposition of the terrestrial Egyptian ‘meridians and parallels’ into the sky!

It would also seem that after the Big Calendar Change, at the end of the 16th Century, those ‘in the know’ wanted a visible Egyptian marker in the sky to denote celestial meridians and parallels. They wanted to visibly mark, in the sky, the orientation of the critical ‘plane of the Earth’s axis’ at the end of the Twentieth Century - when Sirius would cross the Meridian at Midnight in 2000!

Knight and Lomas’s book ‘Uriel’s Machine’, tell of a Sixth Century monk who took the Church from Ireland to Scotland. He was also responsible for importating a ‘sacred stone’ from the Holy Land to be used in all subsequent Scottish and English Coronations. This monk’s given name was ‘Columba’! Centuries later, Our Founding Fathers (mostly Masons from Columba’s new home, Scotland) gave the New Republic the name Columbia. And let us not forget the so-called discoverer of America and the New World - Christopher (Code Name ‘Columbus’). In truth, ‘Columbus’ was only rediscovering the "lost Atlantis" that most learned men of his day already knew was out there. In part, this prior knowledge was reinforced by at least one of the best selling manuscripts of Columbus' time (even Queen Isabella was said to own a copy).

Naming ‘Columbus’ as leader for this 15th Century expedition to the New World was supremely appropriate as a secret code carefully meant to memorialize to ‘the chosen societies’ this ancient geodetic knowledge of the New World and its crucial coming role in the next ‘Event Horizon’.

America: the ultimate "Columba" marker to the celestial ticking clock that only can be understood from this unique New World ... when time runs out -- again.

The sudden astronomical appearance of the "dove" of Columba in sky charts, circa 1603, indicates the need to determine the exact latitude and longitude of ‘God's Longitude’ in the New World, to accurately ‘predict’ the ‘next’ catastrophe.... ergo, the ‘hidden multi-leveled symbology of the Dove.’ And that is exactly how Columba can be used today ... as the clock just south of Orion, to indicate (together with Sirius) exactly how much time we have left ... and measured from the United States... until ‘Noah’ happens again.

What this all implies is that the members of these secret orders had come to believe that there will be another Event Horizon. They believed so much in it, that they set up coded markers, both through a series of ‘staged events’ occurring on the ground as well as clandestine signposts in the sky, in order to prepare their descendants with the appropriate warnings and the ‘time’. They then set about warring over the sacred land of North America that they all believed would play a key role in this coming eschatology.

This rogue society must have understood the danger to their plans if the truth ever came out about the significance of the 33-year cycle calendar. The truth is in that the 33-year calendar was not based on ‘Life of Christ’ but on a ‘Secret’ held close by the Masonic order and on the curious geometry of some very old things in another old ‘Atlantis’ on another world…Cydonia’!

Further Comments to Clifford Riley by Mary Sutherland

Firstly….Geez Lou-ise that word “racists” gets thrown around a lot!

Secondly…Allow me to thank you for some very good research material on behalf of the Irish history concerning the Tuatha De Dannan…HOWEVER…Your research “only” takes you back to ancient Egypt. You state the following: This was constructed before a tribe called the Nemedians migrated from Ireland and into Europe, taking with them the knowledge of how to build the megalithic structures (such as Stonehenge built around 2,000 BC). Who passed it onto others, who used and modified the techniques and designs…Passing the knowledge onto others. One branch of this tribe settled in what is now Britain and became the ancestors of the ancient Britons. The rest continued on, spreading throughout Europe until finally reaching Thrace, in what is now Greece. Historically, ancient Greece and its predecessor traded with and *learnt from Egypt, which is how the knowledge was passed on from those how built the megaliths to those who built the pyramids…who only used those relevant parts.

Yes, they may have learned from the Ancient Egyptians…but the Ancient Egyptians had to have learned from someone as well…of which was documented…and their documentation points right back to North America, Atlantis and the “Gods of Wisdom”!

Following are some of the documentations I have that have influenced my opinion on this matter. If you can show me proof that contradicts this I will be open for discussion.

(Excerpts from Mary Sutherland’s upcoming Book “In search of Ancient Man” – Copyrighted material)

1.) From James Churchward, world known for his research on Lemuria, we learn about Jesus Christ during his time living in the monasteries and lamasaries of the Himalayas and Tibet. According to the monastery records: "When Jesus was a young man, he left his home country and went first to Egypt. There for two years he studied the ancient Egyptian Osirian Tradition. From Egypt he went to India and at Benares and other religious centers studied the teachings of Gautama. He then entered a Himalayan monastery where for 12 years he studied the Sacred Inspired writings of Mu and her Cosmic Forces and Sciences. At the end of 12 years he became a Master: the most proficient Master that has ever been on earth."

Following Churchward compares the Osirian tradition (teachings of Osiris) and the teachings of Jesus Christ:

“In studying the ancient writings I have found that the teachings of Osiris and Jesus are wonderfully alike. Many passages being identical…word for word and line for line. This is not to be wondered at…they were both preaching and teaching the first and Inspired Religion of Man, which they both learned from the same school – ‘The Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu’.” “Both Jesus and Osiris were, unquestionably, inspired instruments of the ‘Great Nameless’, sent on earth to show the children of this world the paths which lead to happiness.”

While the Egyptians worshipped him as a god, others claimed him to have been a high priest that lived during the time of Lemuria and Atlantis. Churchward found tablets referencing Atlantis and among them a history of Osiris: it reads:

''Osiris was born in Atlantis 22,000 years ago (according to reckoning of time). When a young man he went to the Motherland to study for the Priesthood. When he became a Master he returned to Atlantis. There he devoted himself to eliminating the extravagances, superstitions, misconceptions and inventions that had crept into the Atlantean Religion. He then installed again the original religion of love and simplicity. He was then made the High Priest of Atlantis, a position he held during a long life. When he passed on, the Religion was called after him…The Osirian Religion or Osirian Tradition.” This religion was carried to Egypt by Thoth and became the religion of Egypt.”

2.) The biblical Enoch, son of Jared, was known to be the ‘Establisher of Adam’ and Adam is the divine universal manifestation of God, setting up the Adamic cycle of six thousand years, beginning with himself and Enoch, ending with the ‘return of Jesus Christ’. Enoch received and established the wisdom of Adam who lived 930 years and survived the completion of the Pyramid by almost 400 years. (Joshua, in turn, became the establisher for Moses and Paul became the establisher for Jesus.)

Enoch was a Master Builder, the architect for the Great Pyramid in Egypt as well as the pyramids built in Central, South America and Mexico, where he was known as Quetzacoatl, Kulkulcan, and Itzamna. The Southwestern Hopi of North America knew him as the ‘Giver of the Great Fire Clan Tablet’. Enoch told them that when their great white brother, ‘Bahana’, returned they were to seek him out in the land called ‘Masauwa’.

The ‘Book of the Hopi’, prophesies that after the Fire Clan migrated to their permanent home, a time would come when they would be overcome by a strange white people. These people would force the Fire Clan (Hopi) to develop their land and lives according to the dictates of a new ruler or they would be treated as criminals and punished accordingly. Enoch told them not to resist but wait for their lost white brother to return. He would be called Pahana (Bahana) and would return to them the missing corner piece of the tablet, deliver them from their persecutors, and bring in a new and universal brotherhood of man.

Enoch traveled up the Mississippi River, crossed over the Wisconsin River and went into the state of Wisconsin. Here was where the chocolate-colored granite was being mined to make such holy relics as was used for the Ark of the Covenant, in the Holy of Holies and the Capstone of the Great Pyramid. From Wisconsin, he journeyed south, teaching the people the religion of the ‘One True Invisible God – the Wakan-Tanca’.

From the ‘Dan Records of Enoch’, the Irish St. Brendan came to know that a continent existed beyond the sea which was divided by a great river. In the early 500’s he left his homeland and set sail for the world of the Atlanteans. He later wrote a book about his travels, titling it, ‘The Voyage of St. Brendan’. In this book, the Irish monk described the vision of North America and tells of a maiden coming to him, telling of a great land across the western sea – a land divided in half by a mighty river (the Mississippi). She then gave him the prophecy of the Second Coming of Christ who would appear in North America.

Ancient Ogham writings have been found in the caves of West Virginia that date prior to 1000 A.D. More examples of Ogham writing have been reported throughout the ‘Ogham Corridor’ which is located southeast of LaJunta, Colorado and stretches down to the upper Cimarron River into the Oklahoma Panhandle.

During the time of Columbus, ‘The Voyage of St. Brendan’ was very popular. After studying the book, Columbus came to believe that by going to America he would become instrumental in the fulfilling of the prophecy given to St. Brendan. To obtain support and financial backing, Columbus wrote and presented his book of prophecy to the King and Queen of Spain. With their blessings and support, Columbus set sail for America, following the maps, graphics and directions found in the ‘Book of St. Brendan’. When Columbus entered the Gulf of Pariah, he was sure he had found the Garden of Eden and proclaimed it as such. He was also convinced that it was here that he would find the returned Christ, his heavenly temple and the New Jerusalem (City of Gold) and that his arrival would usher in the prophesied 1000 years of peace.

Although I am not as up on Irish history as you I am aware of some of its history and from what I understand Tara was the sacred home for the Ari (later the Ari-ish or Irish) who ranked below the Illi gods, yet above the people. Ireland (Ari-Land) takes its name from the Aris (lion / ili-on - in Hebrew) or Arians. Ireland is considered the Great Motherland of the Aryan race. The mysterious Hyksos or "Shepherd Kings" of ancient Egypt who invaded Egypt and then reigned in that land of the Nile as Pharaohs. They were Semites, also known as the Ibaru, or the Eabrach of Ireland. They were an ancient race of ‘Arch-Magi’ who venerated the stars and the zodiac, who had "churches" all over the world and later became known as the ‘Hibiru’ and then later ‘Hebrew.

The Lebor Gabala Erren (“The Book of Invasions"), compiled during the 12th century A.D., describes the mysterious Tuatha de' Danann as arriving in Ireland from beyond our concept of space and time, coming from a place known in Gaelic legend as Tir Na' nOg, ‘The Land of Eternal Youth’. The Tuatha de’ Danaan were a race of Celtic giants and ‘father gods’ that dwelt in underground kingdoms or inside the hollow mountains. They were also known as Davana, Áes Sí, Áes Sídh, Áes Sídhe, Áos Sídhe, the Children or Tribe of the Goddess Danu, Davana, the Hill Folk, People of Anu, Anunnaki, People of Enki, Shining Ones, Creator Gods, Danann

"In this way they came, in dark clouds from northern islands of the world. They landed on the mountains of Conmaicne Rein in Connachta, and brought darkness over the sun for three days and three nights. Gods were their men of arts, and non-gods their husbandmen."

When they arrived in Ireland, they brought with them their four sacred treasures; The Stone of Destiny; the Sword of Lugh; the Spear of Victory and the Caldron of the Gods, from which no company ever went away from unsatisfied. These treasures were housed in the ‘Cave of Treasures’, inside the Mountain of God, where a perpetual flame burns. The Mountain of God is known as Tara, Illi’s gateway or Ish-Tar Gateway to the Otherworld. Passage tombs or mounds, called Sidhe (pronounced ‘she’) dot the surrounding countryside. From the earliest dawn of Irish mythology Keltic rites have been performed there.

The Tuatha Dé Danaan, the direct descendants of the biblical Elohim, was described by W.Y.Evans-Wentz as a race of majestic appearance and marvelous beauty, in human form but yet divine in nature. They were divided into two classes - those that shine and those that were opalescent and seemed to be lit up by a light within themselves.”

*"And it came to pass, when men began to multiply upon the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, The "the sons of God (Elohim) saw daughters of men that they were fair; and they took unto them wives of all which they chose.... There were giants in the earth in those days; and also that when the sons of God (Elohim) came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children of them, the same became mighty men of old, men of renown." (The Sumerians called them the Anunnaki (nunn meaning ‘fish’ and aki meaning ’light’) and the Irish called them Lords of ‘Illi’ (light)

These Creator Gods had the ability to control the light of the sun through the power of blue stones that had miraculous powers. According to Irish mythology, E.A. (Enki) led the Anunnaki in search of the “blue stones that cause ill,” (illumination, luminescence, enlightenment). He found the stones at the place called Ar(ili), which is known today as Ireland.

These stones hold the exotic ‘missing’ or ‘hidden’ (‘black’) matter of the universe and are symbolized as the Philosopher’s Stone or the Black Stone. Crystallized into Earth density the black stones shifted their vibration into blue stones.

The cluster of three orbs symbolize these stones, just as they do the Word or Life Force of God. According to legend, when a human places themselves in resonance with the blue stone’s life force, he or she is transformed from a human into a god.

Both Irish and Iraqi mythology revolved around the secret teachings of the blue stones of E.A. Before founding the civilization in ancient Sumeria, E.A. settled Ireland. According to Sir Laurence Gardner, Irish mythology of the Anunnaki predates Sumerian civilization by a thousand years or more. Like Sumeria, Ireland comes into its history as a full-fledged kingdom with its sudden origin perplexing many historians.

Prior to the Tautha De Danaan, Ireland was inhabited by a race of giants known as the Firbolgs and Formorachs, a giant ‘Sea People’ who had come to the Island after a great flood had destroyed their former kingdom. When the Tuatha De Danaan arrived by air, in a mist, on the first day of Beltain, the Firbolgs saw nothing but the mist lying on the hills.

King Eochaid, son of Erc, the ruler of the Firbolgs, had dreamt of the coming of the Danaans (the men of Dea). After their arrival, Eochaid sent his greatest champion, Sreng, to learn of this new race. He was sent back by the Tuatha De Danaan with a message that they would not fight the Firbolgs - if King Eochaid would cede them half the land. Unwilling to relinquish any part of his kingdom the Firbolg King decided take up battle against the new arrivals, which he ultimately lost.

Although the Firbolgs lost the battle, the Tuatha De Danaan gave them Connacht to dwell in and put the tribes under their protection. They went on to teach them the arts, architecture, mathematics and their science. The essence of Tuatha De Danaan science stems from music - the controlled manipulation of sound waves, which became recorded in legend as the ‘music of the spheres.’ They also mapped out the natural interphase points across the globe and lived in relative peace with the Celtic tribes of Ireland, often times intermarrying with them. The descendants of the Tuatha Dé Danann became known as the Daoine Sídhe (faery folk).

Later, a rival force of Annunaki the Celts called the ‘Na Fferyllt’ or ‘Dragon Kings’ returned to Earth. Wanting to re-claim Earth and have the humans as slaves, they played the people like pawns against the Tuatha De Danaan, exploiting them and filling them with fears and jealousy. The Tuatha De Danaan retaliated by taking the war to the ‘Na Fferyllt’ and extending the battlefield from Earth to the other planets. This war became immortalized as ‘The War in Heaven’.

The Tuatha De Danaan and their followers were conquered in a battle at Taillte by the Milesian Scots, (Royal Tribe of Judah) who had invaded Ireland in 1268 B.C. Not wanting to be ruled by these invaders, the Tuatha De Danaan built a massive underground fortress, which is known today as New Grange. They used their Druids to blight the fields of the Milesians. The majority of the Tuatha De Danaans joined with the Sidhe and dwelt in the hills, eventually melding with them. These people later became known as a nation of roving warriors, characterized by their blue eyes, pale faces and long, curly yellow and red hair.

Although most of the history telling of the Israelite coming to Britain and Ireland has been either modified or lost, the fragmented record of the ‘Welsh Triad’, sheds light on the Tribe of Judah’s warrior king, Joshua (Mose’s minister and successor). According to these records, Joshua was known in the Isles as ‘Hu Gadarn’. Gardarn is a Welsh word meaning ‘The Mighty’ and Hu is the short form of the Old Celtic name ‘Hesus’. The people accompanying Joshua to the Isles were called ‘The Cymry’ (Cumrah)... “First was the race of the Cymry, who came with Hu Gadarn - from the ‘Land of Sumer’ to Yns Prydain.”

The Triad credits Hu Gadarn as the establisher of the ‘Fferyllt’. Although ‘Na Fferyllt’ is the name for the Anunnaki led by Enlil that fought against the Tuatha De Danaan (Enki), the Welsh also use the word ‘Fferyllt’ as a reference to ‘Druid Alchemist’ and the ‘Books of Merlyn’.

Hu Gadarn mnemonically systematizes the wisdom of the ancients by formulating a pattern of letters or words (poetry) as a vehicle to aid the memory of the ‘Cymri’. He was given credit as the inventor of the writing method of Ogham script placed on sticks. (To confuse future historian, the Benedictine Monks made counterfeit Ogham sticks and spread them throughout the lands they traveled. St. Patrick, in his religious zeal, burnt 180 books belonging to the Irish Druids and the ancient language became forbidden to read or write. Lay persons illegally learning and using Ogham were given the “geasa,” or the Druid death curse. A 14th century Irish monk prevented its total loss when he copied some 70 versions of it from older manuscripts into the “Ogam Tract” of the ‘Book of Ballymote, now in the Irish Museum, located in Dublin, Ireland.)

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Hu Gadarn further established, among other regulations, that a ‘Gorsedd’ or Assembly of Druids and Bards must be held on an open, uncovered grass space, in a conspicuous place, in full view and hearing of all the people. According to Isabel Hill Elder, ‘Druid and Culdee’, the Ox was depicted on Hu Gadarn's standard.

The war finally abated and a pact was struck between the Tuatha De Danaan and the rival Annunaki. They agreed to combine their genes for the creation of a new race, which were called the ‘Archons’ or ‘First Folk’. According to ‘Savage Sun, Parallax Red’, both races were to leave the physical planes of Earth. The Tuatha De Danaans were thought to have left this world as a united people from New Grange, venturing back to the mystical Tir-na-nog. The other Anunnaki also left, except for Enlil (Jehovah) and his followers who chose to stay and rule over the people of Earth as a god, using the ‘hybrids’ to establish his laws through the lands.

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