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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

it is important to know WHERE you are in the world,
by putting in your location, in relation to Siderial Time

(you can check your co-ordinates by going to AND, making a free astro chart,
and, it will show up, you local town, on your astrology info)

(or, you can check it, by utilised google earth)

Then at 1430 siderial time for your location.
Go outside and let the energy & the ethers
that surround you
beam down from The Galactic center
(if you want to see a picture of it, i attached one)
it sits in the constellation of SAG (right now)
and, ask for those energies to flow into you.

Let the sunshine touch your skin ...
as, this energy, is definitely, the very thing,
that wiill start to improve your DNA.

This 1430 siderial time
is the best time, to meditate

Try to see, your inner workings

Try to feel the energy, that flows up from the core of earth

Try to feel the energy, that is around you, and, pull it into
your feet, and, shot it out your crown /
and, take the sun energies, and, pull them through your crown,
and, shot them, out the soles of your feet

asking for those energies,
that are 100% in alignment,
with your mission/and, with your purpose,
be allowed to access you ...

Imagine the Merkabas that are located in all your energy centres
and, then, think of your innercrossroads
where the high / and, low heart
and, where the high/ and, low mind

Envision opening a portal in that location,
as, it is here,
that, all the energies of infinite intelligence & knowledge
will flow to you, with love.

Love is a force, and, love is a power
it iS ALL that really iS

the eXchanger

ps; and, WHO EVER told you, a little bit of sunshine,
was NOT good for you, was NOT telling you the real truth
Get OUT into the risiing / and, setting sun - everyday
and, try to spend about 15 minutes out in the sun daily
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