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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

Rays 1 - 22

Ray 1 - Spiritual Warrior



Guardians: Ascended Master: El Morya & Archangels: Michael & Faith

Qualities: Action, Chivalry, Confidence, Courage, Detachment, Discerning, Empowering, energetic, Grounded, Honourable, Independent, Initiator, Receptive, Strong, Truth-seeker, Vitality

Ray 2 - Radiance



Guardians: Ascended Masters: Joshua Stone, Djwhal Khul & Maitreya &
Archangels: Jophiel & Constance

Qualities: Ambassador, Artistic, Attractive, Balance, Compassion, Creative, Divinity, Empathy, Guided, Healer, Heart-centred, Hope, Light, Love, Media, Messenger, Mirror, Optimist, Peaceful, Radiant, Reflector, Teacher, Wisdom, Writer

Ray 3 - Experience


Active/ Divine Intelligence

Guardians: Ascended Master Serapis Bey & Archangels: Chamuel & Charity

Qualities: Alert, Aware, Books, Bright, Clarity, Concentration, Digest information/ food, Experience, Explore, Grounding, Intelligence, Joy, Knowledge, Manifest, Memory, Optimist

Ray 4 - Harmony


Harmony through Conflict

Guardians: Ascended Master: Paul the Venetian & Archangels: Gabriel & Hope

Qualities: Abundant, Appreciation, Artist, Arts, Balance, Change, Creative, Dramatic, Emotional, Gratitude, Harmony, Inspiring, Heart-led, Intuitive, Passionate, Peaceful, Performer, Relating, Sensitive, Transformation

Ray 5 - Knowing


Concrete Knowledge/Science

Guardians: Ascended Master Hilarion & Archangel Raphael & Mother Mary

Qualities: Accuracy, Channel, Completion, Creative, Curious, Enjoy, Inner ‘knowing’, Inspiring, Intellectual, Love of facts and figures, Passion, Play, Problem-solving, Purpose, Research, Science, Seeking, Sense of Direction

Ray 6 - Dove of Devotion



Guardians: Ascended Master Sananda & Archangels Uriel & Aurora

Qualities: Acceptance, Balance (Emotional), Empowering, Enthusiasm, Individual, Insight, Inspiring, Intuition, Non-judgmental, Harmony, Peace, Psychic, Self-healing, Significant, Social, Speak your Truth, Teach by example, Tolerance, Walk your Talk

Ray 7 - Ceremony


Ceremonial Order/ Organization/ Magic & Synthesis

Guardians: (Was St Germain) Ascended Master Lady Portia & Archangels: Zadkiel & Amethyst

Qualities: Anticipation, Ceremony, Co-operation, Equality, Gratitude, Honouring, Meditation, order, Organized, Peace, Preparation, Respect, Reverence, Ritual, Silence

Ray 8 - Transcendence

Sea-foam Green

Higher Cleansing

Guardians: Ascended Master: Lady Nada & the Pleiadean Beings of Light

Qualities: Amplification, Cleansing, Emotional, Expression, Extend, Expand, Giving, Integration, Lighter, Lifting, Offering, Oneness, Purging, Purpose, Recalibrate, Release, Service, Uniting

Ray 9 - Infinite Possibilities


Joy & Attraction of the Light Body

Guardians: Mother Mary & the Sirian Beings of Light

Qualities: Achievement, Attraction, Being, Compassion, Creativity, Flowing, Harmony, Joy, Love, Opportunities, Peace, Potential, Stability

Ray 10 - Divinity


Anchoring the Light Body

Guardians: the Andromedan Beings of Light

Qualities: Balancing, Calming, Comforting, Equilibrium, Guided, Inner Wisdom, Insight, Networker, Reflecting, Safety, Uplifting

Ray 11 - The Gift


Bridge to the New Age

Guardians: Ascended Master Quan Yin & the Brotherhood of Light

Qualities: Balance, Compassion, Healing, Insight, Integration, Organizational Skills, Peace-keeping, Re-birth, Regeneration, Sincerity, Stability, Unconditional Love, Unveiling of Mystery Teachings, Vitality

Ray 12 - Golden Age

Shimmering Gold

Christ Conaciousness & anchoring the Golden Age

Guardians: Pallas Athena, the Mahatma & God/Goddess

Qualities: Attraction, Balance, Brotherhood, Christ-consciousness, Community, Complementary, Creativity, Harmony, Integration, Magnetism, One-ness, Resolution, Soul families, Soul groups, Soul mates, Supported, Supporting, Talented, Twin flame, Unity

Ray 13 - Manifestation

Pale Violet-Pink

Manifesting of Vibratory Communication

Guardians: Helios & Vesta, Ra & Apollo

Qualities: Communication, Community Projects, Expansion, Friendship, Healing, Moving, Multi-dimensional, Networking, Passion, Responsibility, Service work, Sun-light, Team-working, Travel

Ray 14 - Illumination

Deep Blue-Violet

The Divine Plan

Guardians: the Pleiadean Beings of Light

Qualities: Clairvoyance, Divine Guidance, Flow, Illumination, Manifestation supreme, Realisation, Surrender of the Mind, Unlimited

Ray 15 - Splendour

Light Golden-White

I AM Presence

Guardians: the Sirian Beings of Light

Qualities: Ability to hold more Light, Connection to your I AM Presence, Higher Energies, Initiations, Sacred Geometry, Sound & Colour Healing, Spiritual Connection, Transcending Limitations

Ray 16 - Magnetism

Light Violet-White

Universal Presence

Guardians: the Andromedan Beings of Light

Qualities: Ability to move through different timelines and dimensions, Activations, Adaptable, Ascension, Base chakra, Fifth dimension, Initiation, Universal

Ray 17 - Equilibrium


Universal Light

Guardians: the Brotherhood of Light, Melchizedek, Light Beings from Orion

Qualities: Bright White, Colour and Sound Healing, Clarity, Cleansing, Compassion, Connection to the 5th Dimension, DNA Re-activation, Energizing, Light, Peace, Reflection, Removal, Regeneration, Serenity, Vitality

Ray 18 - Intention


Divine Inention

Guardians: Melchizedek

Qualities: Christ Consciousness, Connection to the Brotherhood of Light, Transformational Healing, Intention, Melchizedek energy, Wisdom

Ray 19 - Infinite Love


Universal Energy

Guardian: the heart of God/Goddess & the Light beings from Vega

Qualities: Healing through the heart, Melchizedek, Nurturing, Releasing, Support, Transformational Healing, Unconditional Love, Universal Heart

Ray 20 - Be



Guardians: Light Beings from Sirius

Qualities: Being, Enlightened, Light, Now, Oneness, Present, Unity

Ray 21 - Eternity


Divine Structure

Guardians: Light Beings from Arcturus

Qualities: Clarity of Perception, Detoxification of the Auric Field, Freedom, Free-flowing Life-force, Light, Spiritual Harmony

Ray 22 - Completion



Guardians: God/Goddess

Qualities: Absorption, Catalyst, Completion, Create, Cycles, Germination, Hibernation, Magical, Magnetic, Peaceful, Pregnant Pause, Resistant, Seed, Void, Winter

This information is
from Sue Fraser at

She is an amasing and wonderful lady
who teachers very indepth about the spiritual rays
and how they can help us.

She is the founder of a new healing system called
Magenta R.O.E.S Reiki and does ray readings,
soul ray attunements and workshops.
+ xxx

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