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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

so, what is this purple light,
and, why is it important ???
and, also,
what are these silver/violet, gold violet rays and lights
that i am seeing ???

First, remember, that purple is a blending...
of dynamic red, and, indigo type blue,
that, appears, to mix together,
to reflect as purple.

There is a trinity, when dynamic red,
is mixed with indigo blue, and, appears as Purple,
it is a trine of colours.

Many high level spiritual teachers,
come in, on the gold/silver violet rays of light

so, who uses it ?

There are some people,
who call this Violet Ray,
The Violet Flame Of Transmutation

It is a divine ray, that can be invoked /and-or called upon
and, it aids, and, it helps,
to clear away unwanted negative energies,
and, bring about a very peaceful balance to your surrounding.

You can utilise it,
to clear bad energy, out of your home
and, you can place it, in waterfalls around your home,
over doorways, and over windows,
as a form of cleaning, and, protection
so anything that comes through those openings
is cleansed, and, purified

You can also, utilise it,
to send energies to others

Some ascended masters, who utilise this ray are:

The Archangel Zadkiel

The Ascended Master St. Germain

The Goddess Quan Yin (which, can be written 101 ways)

So, how do i call it in ?

There are an assortment of
different ways, to call in this energy...

First, always ask,
that anything you are doing is
in 100% alignment, with your mission, and, your purpose,
your reason for being...
and, do that 3 times

Then, you can simply ask ...

" The Ascended Master St. Germain,
The Goddess Quan Yin, The Archangel Zadkiel,
along with all The Masters of The Violet Light:

will you please bring forth the violet flame of transformation
and transmutation through my chakras,
and, through all my energy fields,
so, that we might now
clear away all negative, all imbalanced and all unwanted energies
from my whole being,
clear my whole being of all the blocks,
transform the low energies, to high energies,
in between time, and, in between space,
and, anywhere that i do NOT currently NOW
where to ask for it,
that anything, that is NOT in 100% alignment
that no longer serves my highest good,
be taken away ...
please cleanse my entire home, and, all things, within my home,
past, present, future, and, NOW

and, say thank you
so be it,and, it is so,
will it to be, so, it will be
and, it will be done"

Also, for those spiritualists,
you can always ask also,
for the silver/violet, and, the gold/violet light/or flame
so, that you can shine that type of light
upon your path ...
these are the rays are related to grace, harmony,
forgiveness, joy, love, and mercy,etc.,
and, will help to cleanse you,
and, also will help your raise your vibration to higher levels

the eXchanger
+ xxx

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