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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

So, you want to see your Aura !!!

Can you tell me how to do it ???

First, you need a room,
that is NOT lit well

Then, you need to put something white,
like a sheet, and, put that behind you

Then, you need to get a nice big mirror,
and, set it, out, in front of you

Then, you need to light a candle,
i utilise, special beeswax candles,
that are 100% beeswax -- do NOT utilise cheap candles
they ruin the air, and, are NOT healthy for you

(contact me, if you wish, to get good candles, at wholesale)

i have some, i have used daily, for many years

(with 100% pure candles, you can also, utilise shavings of beeswax,
to build them up again)

The most important thing, you have,
is, to learn, how to set,
a clear & concise, intention...

So, you say ...
i am Susan, The eXchanger,
(of course, you substitute your names)
it is also, a good idea, to give yourself, a secret name,
and, NEVER tell that, to anyone

and, then you say:

I command, and, I demand,
that all beings, that are NOT in 100% alignment
with my mission, and, with my purpose,
that, i pre-natally choose, prior to this incarnation,
and, anything, i have amended,
since, my incarnation,
that are also, in 100% alignment,
with My Essence of My Monad aka My Higher Self,
must depart,
only those beings,
who are in this eXact same alignment,
are allowed to stay,
i invite, all beings,
who are my essence twins, helpers, guardians,
and, task companions, to join me....
you can state this,
out loud and/or you can say it silently
so be it, and, it is so
i will it to be, so, it will be...
and, repeat that process three times

NOW, in order to see your aura...
it is necessary,
to just ask,
to see your aura colours, NOW !!!

Just like above...
ask for this three times,
and, sit back, and, gaze the mirror...

still you mind, and, still your thoughts

and, practice some breathing,
pulling in a breathe, and, rolling it,
like the figure of 8
in, deep down,
pull it in, and, let it flow through the back through the back of your body,
and, loop it, through your lower gonads,
(which are , you sex organs, in case you do not know)
and, then, bring it,
up through the front of your body,
loop, it through the back of your head,
roll it over, the third eye/fourth eye region,
and, bring it down, to your mouth cavity,
and, exhale it, deeply ...
and, repeat the process
trying to move the breath,
through you, in a figure of eight,
which is an affinity sign

Look deeply into the mirror, to the top of your head,
and, just above your crown, and, you will then,
start to see, a white light
which is the first step, in starting to see your own aura

Focus on this white layer,
and, be aware, that it will
come/and, go,
it does take a little practice,
for you to stay focused on it.

Eventually, this layer,
will start to get thicker and, it will widen
and, then, you will start to see,
a rainbow of colours, start to appear

It does take a little bit of practice
to be successful, at seeing your aura
but, if you combine it,
with breathing practice,
you will be seeing it, in no time, flat !!!

Once you are able to see colours,
then, you can start to focus into these rays of colour,
and, you will start to receive information from each of the colours,
that are present ...

Remember, when you do this work,
do it, with an aim,
to really focus on what you are doing,
and, do it, without any distractions.

Once, you get good at seeing your own ...

then, you can start a process,
of seeing other peoples auras

Always make sure,
you ask the permission of other people's higher self,
before, you send them energy,
and/or healing,
and/or do spiritual related work,
with them,

We say:

"The Higher Self,
The Essence,
The Monad, (and, future monad)
always, and, in all ways, knows best"

The eXchanger
+ xxx

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