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Another quote from the same message VERY ANTI DOOM (emphasis added below):

As wanderers have come in to Planet Earth for incarnation, and as the population of the planet from whatever source has slowly begun to hunger and thirst for the new paradigm of love and understanding, the Earth has been able to take hold and to respond to this lightening that is ongoing. It is easy to look at the many extreme weather problems that your globe has been experiencing and cry doom, but we would suggest to you that these frequent catastrophes are a very good sign. They are the sign that Planet Earth has regained enough strength to do the balancing that she must do in order to absorb and eliminate this aggressive and hostile energy that has been pumped into her for so long, in stages, rather than all at once.
You will notice that the magnetic change that needed to be made has not been made by a pole shift, but rather has been made by small increments and even now, magnetic north, as this instrument would call it, is almost precisely at the place it needs to be in order to welcome fourth density.
Thusly, we may say that indeed, in terms of the harvesting being prolonged past 2012, this was always a possibility if a pole shift did not have to occur, and it is now a near certainty, since the lightening of the planet has continued to take place, mostly unnoticeably and beneath the radar of politics and the larger consciousness of the society as a whole.
However, when one pulls the attention away from the news, which focuses upon those in power and those who have caused destruction and points it at the home front, at friends and neighbors and the local situation, we would suggest that you can find good things happening everywhere, people caring for and loving each other and reaching out to each other in kindness and compassion.
This means that each who is hearing these words or who may read them shall undoubtedly be able to live their incarnation through and be, at the end of it, invited to walk those steps of light that the harvest times offer to souls who seek the one infinite Creator.
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