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Default Re: How to get Free Electricity from a Phone Jack

Originally Posted by J_rod7 View Post

Hi Swanny,

If you want to get a "free" light source, like an 'emergency' light &c, you can put four 12-volt automobile lights (headlight bulbs) IN SERIES connected to the phone power.

You could probably find four headlight socket fixtures at any automotive scrap yard, and the bulbs are quite cheap. Then you could mount the sockets in a piece of 1/4" plywood, with little box-frame, sanded and painted. One idea.


Really, have you even tried this yourself?

There is no way there would be enough current - certainly not on the UK system. You would certainly arouse some interest from the telecom company when they see the line effectively go shorted. A quick TDR test and they will know its not a short on thier side either.

The best you are going to get is some low powered LED's to light - as per the youtube video referenced above in the thread.

I would NOT recommend anyone fiddle with electronic systems they don't understand unless they have a working understanding of the physics involved, the contractual obligations they undertook with the service provider and the impacts they can cause on both themselves or thier utility providers.

Additionally, anything over 60v has the potential (no pun intended) to sting a bit if you managed to make yourself part of the circuit

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