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Default Re: The Secret and Law of Attraction: How has it helped you?

Originally Posted by Chris Parson View Post
you talk about The Secret all the time. what is with this agenda with promoting this dvd?

there are more universal laws than just the law of attraction and they all are necessary considerations.
For someone who posts in the spirituality section, you seem very hateful, Chris.

The LoA will come to fruition when thoughts become manifestations. How is that Spam? Perhaps the LoA doesn't (or didn't) work for you and you're jealous of those it's worked for?

I won't even comment on the "promoting" remark with the exception that I have nothing to gain by starting this thread, but those who use the LoA have everything to gain.

It's too bad there are people, like you, who shoot down positive ideas for others and, in a paranoid mindframe, think there's an "agenda".

No hate here, Chris. Can you say the same?
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