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Default Re: Who is winning here?

Originally Posted by perfectresonance View Post
Well, I feel my (Camelot) parents are splitting up. I love them both, and I'm angry and confused. I am looking for answers.

One technique is to 'follow the money', or in other words: identify who benefits from this situation, and you have a likely suspect in the forces that caused Kerry and Bill to have a falling out.

Hope that helps.
Thanks for your thoughts perfectresonance... cui bono ? in other words.. what Colombo asks in his investigations...

So it's kind of the second of the two options I mentioned... who benefits, as in , you're looking for a perpetrator. But if there was, and you knew who it was, would that help the pain you feel at this change that is thrown upon us?

for myself, I prefer to take the second thought to the question, "Who benefits?" as in , "I do". I benefit when they stayed together, and now I benefit now they are parting. I don't know how exactly, but I'm sure that will reveal itself in time.

Ever taken what you thought was a wrong turning and found yourself looking at the most breathtaking scenery you never expected to see?

I hope that in hindsight, this will turn out to be something like that for everyone. We can't control these things, but we can look at our own reactions to them.

Look forward to reading more of your posts perfectresonance.

peace n love,

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