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Default Re: Who is winning here?

Originally Posted by joel77 View Post
it may be that some of the new memebers that you are seeing are people like me who have been members for a while but choose not to get involved.
however they have seen this situation brewing and felt the need to comment.

i know thats the case for me i usualy prefer to read and not comment becouse at the end of the day my opinion is my own and most people just are not inteterested.
however on the few occacions i feel the need to post i feel i have the right as a longish standing member,

just becouse i have low post count does not mean i am and agent of tptb (not that you impied such) or any more thing more sinister than a an interested party.
conflict will out the agony aunt in the best of most people mean well i belive.

I like your post Joel. And it fascinates me especially why people with low post count post? So your post sheds some light on this. I know from my own experience I felt too that intially , every post I made had to have some purpose, be pithy and eloquent and be worthy. Whereas now I post any old rubbish at the drop of a hat. (Of course , the initial posts were also 'any old rubbish at the drop of a hat' too

So I'm not casting any nasturtians. I'm truly interested why for example, say , Perfectresonance, who has been a member for nearly eight months makes this thread as their first or second post ever.

Maybe as you, say, it's a welling inside and a feeling that the time is now to speak your mind.

I'd like to know more from perfectresonance if they'd care to share.

Also, is that a rhetorical question, 'who benefits?' or is it really an open invitation to discussion? And what is the point of that discussion? Am I way out to say that none of us here can even know the answer to that question?

Sure, we all have thoughts and opinions about it. So what do you hope to generate from this thread? where is it going?

This is what I wonder about when I read these posts. I'd be interested to know perfectresonances thoughts on the subject.

My belief is that this is just life, and you can take a view that inherently , you benefit from life, or you don't - in an absolute and also subjective way perhaps. So I benefit from this experience. If the question is more say about, is someone behind this new development at Camelot, then my thought is, how would we ever know that?

It's certainly a thought provoking thread title and op. Do you feel strongly about this topic, perfectresonance?

best wishes,

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